Moved into your new home? Now what?


Congrats and welcome to your new home! We hope you are reading this in your newly set up bed and freshly cleaned sheets! Hopefully you had a good handle on your packing and getting out of your old place, that way you can start to relax and settle into your new paradise. You may have a few projects to get done, but your goal right now is to make your new place a home and we are here to help!

Make sure you understand your mortgage terms and options

With the frenzy of moving it can be easy to not fully read or understand your mortgage. You should know how long the term is for, if it is fixed or variable and if you can make prepayments along the way without penalties to help pay down your house faster. Knowing the terms will help you plan and budget properly. If you are unsure of your terms call your bank or mortgage broker and ask them to walk you through the legalese so that you feel comfortable with your payment options and plan. If you are a broker yourself you should check out to help manage and organize your time better!

Don’t forget to clean up the yard

When moving into a new home it is easy to forget (or not have the energy to consider) a yard clean up. The focus tends to be on the inside of the house. With the change of seasons, it is easier to get the cleaning done now rather than waiting until spring. That way you can be sure there are no unexpected surprises in the spring, such as a family of raccoons living under your porch, or perhaps a slightly broken tree branch that may cause further damage to your new home, or possibly even injury someone if it breaks and falls. Take the time now to clean up and have everything ready before winter really hits. It will also help you to get to know your home better. You may start to get ideas for where you want to put a vegetable garden or what you want to plant flowers and you then can plan ahead. You can even hire a landscaping company to prepare your house for winter if the task is too daunting. It is easy to find them by doing a quick search, such as landscaping companies Edmonton, or you can even ask for recommendations from your new neighbors.

Get a new doormat to greet you and guests upon arrival

Nothing says, “welcome home!” like a colorful, inviting, floral doormat! Your guests will love it when they come to check out your new place, but don’t forget it is also there to greet YOU, when you come home after a long day. Make sure you are allowing your new home to reflect who you are!

Wind down and relax

Moving can be extremely stressful. So now is a great time to practice that self-care everyone is talking about. And with the current pandemic you made need to self isolate with your family for a specified period of time. One great way to relax (and indulge a little too) is to order in food. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not try breakfast delivery to change things up (instead of the same old pizza delivery). Whatever it is, take some me time to recharge and enjoy your new home.

Send an announcement with your new address

Who doesn’t love to get mail?! No, not boring mail, like bills and ads, but actual snail-mail, mail. Cute and informative moving announcement cards can be found online and sending them out will let your friends and family know of your new address, that way they can send things to your new place! With the holidays coming up, this is a great time to send out an update. You don’t want to miss out on Aunt Suzie’s annual 3page Holiday card!

“Home” means something different to everyone. Allow yourself the time and efforts of truly making your new place yours. If being at home for the past few months has taught us anything, it is that it is vital to love where you live. So stop treating your place like a semi-furnished hotel, and make it a space you are proud to live in.

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