Struggling With Body Pain? Here’s How To Sleep Better


If you’ve had to deal with chronic pain of any kind, you’ll know that you might struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. Figuring out how to sleep better when you have body pain is all about developing healthy sleep hygiene habits that allow you to hone in on what works for you when it comes to falling asleep quickly.

Pain can have a really destructive impact on sleep cycles. If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed because of your pain, investing in a comfortable set up for you and trying to make sure you’re set up as best as you can make all the difference in the quality of your sleep.

Optimizing Your Sleet Set Up

Investing in the right tools for sleep will help you stay focused on getting comfortable and well-rested when the time comes. One such tool is a memory foam mattress. Finding the best memory foam mattress for your sleep is going to do wonders for not just your sleep cycle, but also your chronic pain.

When looking out for a memory foam mattress you want to be sure to find something that strikes a good balance between supportive and comfortable. Memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular in the recent past for exactly this reason, since they make a versatile choice for those looking to sleep better.

If you’re thinking about searching and purchasing the best mattress for back pain, it’s going to serve you well to go through some mattress reviews and first make a shortlist of brands that really appeal to you.

The best memory foam mattress companies will have flexibility in their trial period, allowing you to really ensure that the bed you’ve picked out is the right fit for you. High-quality memory foam mattresses are also going to be hypoallergenic, have externally-certified materials, and having temperature-regulation facilities that ensure you’re keeping cool all night.

If you’re convinced you already have the best mattress for your sleep, there are other tools that can be equally useful when you’re trying to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Adjustable bed frames can be really handy to supplement along with a memory foam mattress to offset any pain or tension you might hold in your muscles.

These bedframes work by having customizable positions that ensure you’re able to set your bed into if you want to relieve some pressure.

Keeping Up With Healthy Sleep Hygiene Practices

Another way to ensure you’re staying healthy is by maintaining a high level of sleep hygiene

throughout the night. Good sleep hygiene practices keep you comfortable and cozy throughout the night. Here are a few steps that might make all the difference between falling straight asleep and tossing and turning:

Adding comfy layers. The right bedding can make the difference between a cool, calm night’s sleep and sweaty, hot sleep that adds to your discomfort. Investing in cooling sheets and making sure to clean your bedding at least once a week makes a world of difference to the way you sleep and feel through the night.

Make sure you’re eating healthy. A balanced, healthy diet can actually contribute positively to your sleep cycle. Eating foods that are rich in magnesium and tryptophan for maximum impact on your sleep cycle – this includes fatty fish, nuts such as almonds and walnuts, as well as leafy greens like kale and lettuce.

Nightly meditation. Meditative practice can make a significant difference in being present in your body, guiding yourself through moments of chronic pain, and keeping any sleep anxiety at bay.

Chronic body pain can be challenging to deal with, but with the right tools for your sleep, and a nightly routine that is sustainable for you, you’re going to find a good night’s rest comes easy.

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