4 Great Tools to Help With Cleaning High-Traffic Areas at Work


What is the grimiest place you encounter every day? If the bathroom or kitchen comes to mind first, you might be surprised to learn that many surfaces in your workplace have more germs than a toilet or sink. A typical desk can harbor up to ten million bacteria, which is 400 times more than the average toilet seat. Are you ready to kick office germs and dirt to the curb? Try these four great tools for cleaning high-traffic areas at work.

Industrial Duster

A household feather duster isn’t enough to tackle workplace dirt. You need an industrial duster that can stand up the filthiest spaces and frequent sanitizing washes. Choose a duster made of soft, dust-catching microfibers to get a spotless clean without damaging delicate surfaces like computer screens. Consider choosing a duster with a telescoping handle for hard-to-reach spaces.

Handrail Sanitizer

How many hands have touched the handrail on your office escalator or staircase? Cleaning handrails is a chore that gets in the way of foot traffic, which means that these germ-laden surfaces rarely get the kind of thorough disinfecting they need. Consider investing in a UV sanitizer system like the unit offered by ClearwinUS that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria, including the novel coronavirus.

Set of Mops

From employees and clients to delivery people, your workplace floors see hundreds of feet every day, and all those pairs of shoes bring lots of dirt and mud. Clean it up with an industrial wet mop and ringer bucket. You should also have a dust mop on hand for sweeping away debris. Do you want sanitizing power without the chemicals? Try a hot steam mop to kill germs with just water.

Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Although mops are perfect for keeping hard floors shiny and clean, they won’t do a thing for all the ground-in dirt that gets tracked over carpets and rugs. An industrial vacuum cleaner is a must-have cleaning tool for any busy office with carpeted floors. Choose a canister model over an upright to make getting into tight spaces easier. A canister vacuum is also sturdier and holds more dirt.

As flu season approaches and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s important to make sure that your cleaning supplies are rated effective against these dangerous germs. You can also take other steps to keep your staff and customers safe, such as using masks and gloves, spacing cubicles at least six feet apart and sanitizing shared items between each use.

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