What You Need to Know About Bad SEO Firms


You just hired an SEO firm for your small business. Now your website should be covered. This firm should be able to take care of everything SEO related. At least, that’s what you thought. 

Unless you have a reputable SEO company, like MOTOZA, you need to keep a close eye on the firm you hire. This can help you determine if they are actually helping or hurting your business. Here are some signs your SEO firm is actually hurting your website.

They Don’t Show You Anything

They need to show you something. This doesn’t just mean the results you want to see. Instead, it would be best if you saw their actual SEO strategies. 

It may take months to see the rise in rankings that you want. In the meantime, you should see that your money is being put in the right place. Ask to see their process. A solid company will provide you with a sample of the work they have been doing. Just make sure they are doing something in those first few months. 

They Don’t Need Anything

A good SEO company will need your help. If they don’t ask you for anything, your backlinks are probably coming from spam sites. This can be harmful to your website. 

They Have No Suggestions

If they don’t suggest anything for your site, it could mean that they are using suspicious backlinks. Unprofessional SEO companies tend to throw a bunch of backlinks to your site and hope this will give you the results you want. They have no interest in actually helping you. They want you to think you are getting great results from minimal work. 

A good SEO company will put their clients’ interests first. This means they will want to help you succeed. They will also provide recommendations that can greatly improve your site. An example of how a good SEO company will help is with a title tag preview to help simulate Google’s search engine results.

They Won’t Share Their Strategies

You may be curious about what your SEO company is doing. So ask them. If you get a suspicious answer, it’s time to fire them. That reputable Austin SEO firm you heard about is using proven practices to boost your website. They will be happy to tell you what they are doing. If they don’t tell you, it’s a scam. It would be best if you found a new SEO firm. 

The success of your website is based on SEO. Therefore, you need to make sure you are in good hands. Make sure you pay close attention to the SEO company you choose and make sure you are not being scammed.

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