How StoryBrand Framework Makes Your Website Design Catchy


A catchy and engaging website is essential if you want to gain more customers. An interactive website allows you to establish a strong relationship with your visitors, too. If your small business is struggling to communicate using clear messaging, then this article will help you. By reading on, you will learn about how the StoryBrand framework can help to improve your website.

It is an easy-to-use tool to organize and upgrade your website’s messaging and communication, as well as to make your website’s design more attractive and engaging.

What Is StoryBrand?

StoryBrand has been established and designed by Donald Miller to help businesses grow using the 7-steps framework. Its goal is to help better structure marketing messaging as well as to simplify communication with visitors based on a story-driven approach. It is the framework designed to make marketing campaigns efficiently easy.

7 Steps of Implementing StoryBrand Framework

The 7-step StoryBrand framework helps to eliminate confusion and connects owners to visitors. The story-driven approach is outlined in the following manner:

  • Make Your Audience the Hero

The character of your story is your hero, and that should be the audience. The hero in your story is not you or your brand. Your main focus is to identify your customers and what they want or what they need.

  • Define Your Audience’s Problems

When your audience and visitors recognize that you defined and identified their problems, they will remember your brand. 

  • Be a Guide with a Solution

With the helpful guide you provide, your audience will recognize your brand as one that helped them get through their problems.

  • Create a Clear Plan

The audience, visitors, and customers tend to trust a brand that has a clear plan. By planning clearly for the best solution, confusion is also alleviated.

  • Include a Clear Call to Action

The need to include a clear call to action is essential because the hero, your audience or customer, may wait for a challenge first before they act on their own. 

  • Discuss the Potential for Failure

There is a need to discuss the potential for failure with the audience. They will know that failures may happen but they can be avoided.

  • End Your Story with Success

A beautiful story ends with success. It is your opportunity to tell your audience that your product or service is what they need to succeed. 

The next part of this article is about the valuable and useful website design elements and how they can help improve the aesthetics and functions of your website.

Valuable Website Design Tips

A valuable website design is vital to a successful business. The audience judges the company’s credibility based on the website design. 

Elements of Great Website Design

Improve your website design with these elements:

  • Navigation

Speed is a crucial factor for easy navigation. However, your site should also have menu items that can be accessed easily. Functionality is also a key element.

  • Content

Make your content informative and concise, but always easy-to-read and understandable.

  • Interaction

An interactive website engages the audience and visitors to interact throughout the pages. It should lead them to contact you for successful transactions.

  • Information Accessibility

Make your contact information and other important information accessible. Most of the time, this is solely what your audience needs.

  • Conversion

Increase conversion by giving your audience enjoyable and satisfying website navigation that is backed up by clear and informative content.

Keep Consistent Branding

A valuable website design has consistent branding. Brand consistency increases trust as visitors recognize the identity of business.

Make It Mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly website improves the competitiveness of the business. It also increases speedy page loading.

What to Expect While Adopting StoryBrand Framework

Expect the following benefits when you adopt StoryBrand Framework into your marketing campaign:

  • Right Messages to be Put in the Right Places on Your Website

The StoryBrand framework enables you to use the right message on the right page and places on your website. 

  • Easy for Customers to Interact With

StoryBrand framework gives your website a valuable design wherein customers can easily interact and navigate on your site.

Implement Clear Messaging to Succeed 

Proper implementation of clear messaging leads to success. Here’s what a StoryBrand consultant will recommend:

Use StoryBrand Framework Techniques

The easiest way is to use proven-effective StoryBrand framework techniques to succeed.

Meet Your Potential Customers through Clear Messaging

Satisfied visitors and audience are your potential customers, and you can meet them if you implement clear messaging.

Get Consistent Feedback from Your Audience

Implementing clear messaging encourages your audience and customers to provide you with consistent feedback. You can reach out to them through surveys, user activities, usability tests, and feedback boxes.


Any marketing message can be the most effective when business owners implement and apply the StoryBrand framework techniques into their website design. A good story, an engaging website design, a visually appealing image, and a clear, concise, and understandable message are your powerful tools not only to attract visitors but also to make each click a successful conversion.

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