When Should You Worry About That Chip on Your Windshield?


Windshield chips are not uncommon, and it is not just rural roads that cause them. Any type of stone or debris that hits your windshield just right can cause a chip or crack that needs to be evaluated. Some are so small that you can safely ignore them unless they start to get bigger. Others may need more immediate attention. And if that’s the case check out windshield repair Calgary.

Windshield Replacement Timing

Don’t ignore windshield damage. Take a close look at the chip or crack. You may be able to monitor for the time being if it’s very small. However, larger chips or chips with lines projecting from it could grow or splinter and should be evaluated by a professional windshield glass expert. If it appears that the glass could continue to splinter, or the chip seems to be expanding even slightly, that is the time to have the problem fixed. The smaller and more stable the damage, the easier and cheaper a repair will be.

If the chip turns into a crack, it will require windshield replacement. Many try to continue driving with a crack across their windshield, thinking that it’s not a big deal, but a crack is extremely dangerous. Not only does it obscure the driver’s vision, it could fracture further and even shatter when you go over bumps or potholes.

Potential Costs

Get an estimate from one or more windshield glass experts before repairing the damage. Most likely, professionals will handle the chip the same way with no significant difference in cost. However, one might offer a discount or provide faster service. You may want to check with your car insurance carrier for windshield coverage and find out if the insurer pays for the repair whether your premiums will increase. Ask about guarantees with the repair so that if the chip continues to widen after being contained the company will repair or replace the windshield at no cost.

Road Safety

If you will be driving over unpaved roads or areas under construction, you may want to have that chip fixed quickly so that a sudden jolt doesn’t immediately worsen the problem or cause another windshield chip. Road hazard exposure can help you decide when to have the windshield repaired and whether it is advisable to wait for the chip to get bigger or take care of the problem now.

Vehicle Value

Fixing the windshield chip can improve your car’s value if you are thinking about trading it in on another vehicle or selling it outright. You might also feel better about driving a car in good condition rather than being concerned about seeing around a chip in your line of vision while driving.

A small chip in your vehicle’s windshield might not be a serious issue, but it’s worth checking it out to keep the problem manageable. If the chip is large or shows signs of expanding, make sure to get it repaired as soon as possible.

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