What to Do With Old Wedding Rings After a Divorce


Are you trying to get to rid of your old wedding rings?

Wedding rings have many meanings. This includes love, happiness, unity, and conviction. For others, it signifies the loveliness of the expression of beauty that surrounds it.

It also represents the spoken promise at a wedding ceremony that for the better or for worse, be in sickness or health, until death takes them apart. These are the example of what of a few ounces of metal and precious stones signifies.

Regardless of the meaning of wedding rings, there will be a time that it will lose its meaning, whether the cause is divorce or a simple, something to think about. You will wonder what to do with old wedding rings.

Read on what we have below. Learn more about what to do with old wedding rings.

1. Sell the Ring

Yes, you can sell the wedding ring after a divorce for cash, and it’s ok. Most wedding or engagement rings are often made of metal, gold, and precious stones. These precious stones are not limited to diamonds, ruby, sapphire, or emerald.

Regardless of the precious stone used, the fact is, you can sell your diamond ring for cash. Sure, you can leave the ring in your drawer, collecting dust. Or you can sell the ring to the highest bidder and get money out of it in a matter of days.

Before you sell the ring, though, you should check the value of your wedding ring.  Do not be afraid to get your ring appraised and consult with professionals for its value. Afterward, sell the diamond ring since it is not worth holding on to something that reminds you of grief.

2. Pawn it

Aside from selling your wedding ring after a divorce, you can also use it as a collateral when you’re taking out a loan. It is understandable that pawning your wedding ring is something you are not ready to do. Because it still holds some significance to you, a remembrance of your love and loyalty for your spouse.

However, if you think about it, the true gift of marriage has given you are your kids. Think of the situations that you can use the money for. Use it for medical emergencies, money for bathroom renovation, or buying gifts for your children.

Are you feeling generous? Use the money to donate to a charity group that you support. Keep in mind, though, pawning your wedding ring requires you to return the money in a certain amount of time. Failing to do this means the pawnshop takes ownership of your ring.  

There are many situations wherein you can use the money for pawning your wedding rings. No matter what, you will use it. What remains the same is, you can use it as collateral for a cash loan.

3. Use it as a Decoration

You want to keep your wedding ring because it still has some significance for you. Right away, you removed it and have hidden it in a cabinet. Now you hide your left hand from the public because it embarrasses you.

Did you know there are different things you can do with your wedding rings? Repurpose the wedding ring after a divorce by creating a work of art out of it.

Have the jewel removed from your ring, as there are many things you can do from it. Gather old jewels in the house and use other art materials. With the use of hot glue and canvas, you can create an amazing mosaic image made out of jewels.

If you are looking for a way to keep the ring as it is, you can turn it into a simple fixture or accessory. With the use of a chain, you can make a simple necklace, retaining the shape of the ring and design.

4. Use the Metals and Gems for a New Jewelry

Creating art or decorations out of your wedding rings aren’t your only options. Redesigning old wedding rings is another option to make a new wearable design. Redesign wedding rings after a divorce with these ideas.

Make new rings out of old gold and jewelry that fits your style. Re-casting the gold and jewelry of your old rings will give it a modern design. Use the by-product as a new wedding or an engagement ring that fits the finger of the intended wearer.

Do you have a preferred design or ideas for the new look of the ring? Have your old ring melted down to create a new piece such as Celtic jewelry. Another idea for a new look and style is by having it melted down and turned into a diamond pendant.

5. Give it to a Friend or Relative

No matter how you feel about your wedding ring. It is only a matter of time before you decide to take action. If you can’t stand to see it because of some unresolved feelings, you can give it away to your relatives instead.

What’s great about doing this is that it will be easy to convince them to take it. All you need to do is to explain, and they’ll have no reason not to take it from you.

Give a new life to yourself and the ring. Turn your old wedding ring as a gift, pass it down to the next generation. Hand it over to your family who wants to propose to their loved one or a friend whom you believe stands out when they wear the ring.

Use These Tips for Your Old Wedding Rings Today!

Wondering what to do with old wedding rings is normal. It will take some time before you can do the right thing, especially for emotionally-charged items. Prepare yourself with these guides, so when the time is right, you know what to do today!

Do you want to learn more tips for dealing with old wedding rings? Check out more of our guide and articles to learn more about what to do with old wedding rings today!

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