5 Packing Hacks to Help Make Moving a Breeze


Moving to a new place should be a pleasant experience, but often packing makes the experience dreadful. There is no doubt that packing is cumbersome, and it requires a lot of time. Another issue is that some things are more challenging to pack than others because of their size or nature. Thankfully, these moving and packing tips will bring you closer to a fantastic relocating experience.

1. Be Thrifty When Packing Your Clothes So That They Don’t Take Up Much Space

Many people underestimate the number of clothes in their closets and how good they are at hoarding items. Although packing clothes might seem like the most straightforward activity, you will have to do, and it isn’t straightforward. Before contacting Moving Services in South Florida, the first thing should be to fold clothes into small bundles to be moved easily.

You will require luggage bags, garment bags, large boxes, suitcases, or garbage bags to fit your clothes. Place the folded clothes into suitcases and garment bags. Put delicate items inside suitcases and strong ones in the boxes. Use wardrobe boxes for the clothes you can’t fold.

2. Pack Your Books Carefully

No one remembers that they need to pack books until they have no option. Start with donating the ones you don’t want to keep and then figure out how to store the others. The problem with books is that most of them are heavy, which reduces their portability.

Consider getting strong, waterproof boxes for the books. After fitting them in, use tape to wrap it to prevent them from falling out of the box. Remember to mark the boxes so that the movers are careful when handling them. Place the books in a standing position on the ends to create more space in a box, and fill it to the top to prevent the container from crashing.

3. Group Kitchen Items to Prevent Breakages

Divide your kitchen items into three categories; China, glassware, and pots. All fragile items like ceramic plates and cups require lots of wrapping paper. Wrap the china and plates individually, stack them together, and wrap them again. After covering the items, place them inside containers or boxes but make sure that you line the bottom using crushed wrapping material first.

As for glassware, you can stack them inside one another or nest them. A regular dish box will suffice for your glassware items. Put wrapping paper between each cup and glass when nesting them. You can put them in bundles of three or four glasses before rolling them in the plastic material. Remember that wine glasses should be packed individually. In case you have dividers or liquor boxes, they will be perfect for putting your stemmed glasses.

Utensils, pots, and pans are simpler to pack because they aren’t fragile—cover cutlery in packing paper and place them inside medium-sized boxes. You can nest pans and pots before putting them in large containers. Cooking utensils should be packed like cutlery, but keep a set close for use when you arrive.

4. Protect Lamps and Lampshades by Packing Them Separately

Lamps and lampshades are unique decorative pieces and are very useful. So, you should avoid smashing them while packing. Most of them are big, bulky, and have awkward shapes. You will need packing paper and big boxes to store the lampshades. Start by removing the bulbs and folding the electric cord at the bottom of the lamp. Line the base using crushed paper and place the bulbs inside. Pack every lampshade separately.

5. Pack Your Electronics Cautiously to Save Money

Electronics aren’t the cheapest items on the shelves, meaning that if you pack them properly, you save tons of cash. You will require anti-static packing bubbles or popcorn to preserve their integrity. Good conductors of electricity might damage your electronics while moving, and these packing bubbles will safeguard them.

Remember to use strong boxes so that the items don’t break. Start by covering the electronics in crumpled wrapping paper and then place them inside a box, starting with the large items. Fill spaces with crumpled paper to avert movement.


Moving is usually like driving through dull landscapes or going for tooth removal – while it’s necessary, you don’t like the process. To have a successful experience, start with packing right and getting the right local moving specialists to help you.

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