Styling a Suit: 6 Ideas for the Modern Businessperson


Wearing a suit to work every day helps you look the part in an office setting, but no one ever said your workplace style had to be boring. If you’re tired of wearing the same pattern combinations and monochromatic color schemes, it’s time to refresh your look. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to accessorize and try new styles without sacrificing your budget or professionalism. 

1. Pop In a Pocket Square

Spice up your plain old suit jacket or blazer with a pocket square. This tiny piece of fabric should complement your tie, but not match it, so feel free to choose bold colors and patterns. Try to stay within the same color scheme to avoid looking like a clown. 

If bright pops of color aren’t your style or you’re aiming for something more subtle, choose a more neutral pocket square. Then, use an intricate Dunaway or elegant winged puff fold to catch the eyes of passersby. 

2. Play With Patterns

While you’re experimenting with pocket squares, you might as well play around with patterns, too. Incorporating various designs is one of the easiest ways to style your suit differently and dress up an otherwise plain look. 

Try wearing a shirt with a bold paisley pattern or bright polka-dots. If your wardrobe is monochromatic, add a strikingly patterned tie to create visual interest, instead. Just remember to mix patterns wisely and don’t get too wild all at once. Easing into new prints will help you remain professional while adding a bit of intrigue. 

3. Top It Off With a Hat 

Top off your look with a hat for a truly stunning style that’s sure to turn heads. A short-brimmed fedora, trilby, derby or pork pie hat will complement your suit best. Pair with sunglasses for a truly mysterious look. 

Of course, if you’ve never been one to don a hat, you must first find the right fit. Use a string to measure the circumference of your head just an inch above your ears. Then, use this measurement to find your size, which may range from small to 3XL. 

4. Add a Touch of Bling 

In a world where unisex fashion is trending, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a touch of bling to your daily look. Start small with an affordable yet classy statement watch. Then, add a bracelet or two when you feel comfortable adding a little more shine to your wrists. 

You might even accessorize by adding a metallic necklace. Leave the tie behind, undo that first button and don a thin, flat chain. Pairing a simple necklace with a modest ensemble will make for a sophisticated look that’s low key but still makes a statement. 

5. Wear Colorful Socks 

Your everyday dress shirts and ties probably don’t have alligators, pancakes or pumpkins on them. However, if you’re a fan of these things, you can easily find them adorning a colorful pair of socks. Slip them on each morning to add an element of fun to your style. 

The best part about styling a suit with socks is that others are unlikely to notice them until you cross one leg over the other or sit down at your desk. Of course, you can still overdo it with the socks. Match them with a more modest shirt and tie for a put-together look that doesn’t overwhelm your peers. 

6. Accessorize With a Handbag 

After putting so much thought and effort into your style, the last thing you want to do is ruin the look with a homely handbag. Leave the backpacks and flimsy bags for road tripping and grab a leather version, instead. 

Whether you’re carrying around paperwork or gym clothes for your post-office workout, there’s a classy leather bag for you. Choose one that matches most of your belts and shoes so you always have the option to take your everyday suit to the next level. 

Find Your Flair

Adding flair to your business wardrobe is all about finding both large and small pieces that reflect your personal taste. If you love the idea of adding jewelry to your look, play around with different sizes and lengths to find your fit. You could also try jazzing up your suit with shiny cufflinks and a unique tie bar, instead. 

Try new styles, patterns and materials to discover your fashion sense. Once you do, you’ll feel less boring and more confident, which will do wonders for your look in and of itself.

About the Author:

Oscar Collins is the managing editor at Modded. He writes about cars, fitness, the outdoors and more. Follow @TModded on Twitter for more articles from the Modded team.

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