In Need of a Fun Gift? Look into Vintage Toys!


Let’s face it. We live in a high-tech world, and although it’s fun playing around with video game consoles and the like, nothing can compare to an old-fashioned toy. Maybe your mom or dad had a blast playing with a Slinky or Barbie dolls or fearless action figures. No batteries were required and certainly nothing digitally-operated was needed. Good, honest fun is the mission, and any boy or girl enjoys unwrapping a gift that delivers uniqueness, curiosity, and a toy they can cherish for a lifetime. If you’re on the hunt for a fab gift, consider our favorites in vintage toys:

Ventriloquist Dolls

For many young kids and teens growing up, ventriloquism was fascinating to them. Being able to “throw your voice” was a big deal, and making it appear as though “the dummy” was doing all the talking is an art in itself.

The Charlie McCarthy Dummy ventriloquist doll was all the rage and even came with a step-by-step instruction booklet. It was “operated” simply by holding the head with one hand and pulling the string with your other hand.

The doll, which is approximately 30 inches in length, can be purchased today through vintage sellers. There are also other ventriloquist dolls available from years ago.

Action Figures

In the 1960s, the action figure was born as Hasbro introduced the world to soldier G.I. Joe. The toy for boys (and girls, too) became a major hit as our country remained full of pride following World War II and grew anxious about the Cold War.

From there, more and more action heroes launched, and kids and teens began filling their playrooms with them. From Spider-Man to Bat-Man to Star Wars’ Jedi Master Yoda to G1 Transformers and many more, people like to buy vintage toy collections.

It’s all about nostalgia, beautifully crafted toys with quality and attention to detail that we don’t see much anymore.

Gumby And Pokey

Talk about bendable and posable toys, Gumby and Pokey were the best! Young girls adored playing with these iconic, rubber dolls through the 70s.

Gumby was green clay, humanoid character, and his best pal was a talking red pony named Pokey. The two were inseparable and became a hit cartoon TV show in the 50s.

Kids can play with their clay dolls and watch vintage Gumby and Pokey episodes on for free at the Kabillion Channel.

Metal Slinky

It doesn’t get more vintage than an original, silver metal, Slinky toy. A U.S. Navy engineer, Richard James, developed the toy in 1945, and it still remains a popular and unique item.

A Slinky could perform cool stuff like a walk down a flight of stairs. It also made a neat sound when you played with it from palm to palm in your hands. Currently, more than 300 million Slinkys have been sold around the globe. Those are incredible numbers, and the metal spring-toy is still manufactured today in Hollidaysburg, PA, on the machines invented by Richard James.

It’s a classic and simple toy. You don’t have to wind it up or pull a chain. Let Slinky go and do its thing.

Hula Hoops

Some people swear by the hoop for maintaining a slimmer waist and flatter tummy. Well, who knew?

The Hula Hoop is another favorite vintage toy that some folks have kept around all these years. The hoop was invented in the late 50s and became a must-have, especially, for teen girls in the 60s.

It took some practice to keep the Hula Hoop around your waist, but it also made a delightful “whooping” noise as you used it.

The original hoops can be found at vintage shops and feature a 40-inch diameter and come with the hidden ball inside to make the “shoop-shoop” sound as you twirl it around your waist.

People really skilled at Hula Hooping can also twirl one around their neck, arms, and legs.

There’s nothing wrong about living in a digital age, and we have many conveniences in that regard. However, childhood toys today, don’t seem to offer much imagination, simplicity, and good old-fashioned entertainment like years gone by. If you’re in need of a fun gift, definitely, look into vintage toys!

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