4 Study Tips for Busy Students This Fall


Fall term is rapidly approaching (if it hasn’t already begun), and students everywhere are scrambling to create some sense of order in the chaos. Given the current pandemic, personal organization is more important than ever. If you’re one of those students who struggles to keep all your notes in one place, your pens from getting lost, and your assignments from being forgotten, worry not! Here are five simple tricks to keep track of your busy life.

1. Desk Organization

Underrated, sure, but ultimately essential to remain productive at your desk. Studying at home can feel like a slog, so do your best to liven up your study space. Invest in a mini bookshelf, a couple simple pen cups, and a good file folder. You might also consider string lights, a hanging picture (or two), or a few personal photos you can stick up on the wall — there’s no reason your space should be boring, so long as it helps keep your workflow steady.

2. Planners

Yes, everything is online, but physical, paper planners are still useful to keep events straight. If you’re in Greek life, you might even consider a sorority event planner to organize all your essential events and activities — which is especially vital during recruitment. But every student certainly benefits from day-by-day planners to keep their assignments, events, dates (wink, wink), and exams straight.

3. A Cork Board

Pin up notes to yourself, old photos, ticket stubs, reminders, and letters. If you’re applying to grad school, this could be a great space to organize all your applications. Otherwise, a cork board (or even white board) is a useful place for all those things that keep you inspired and ready to tackle the school year.

4. A Pinterest Account

It’s not just for soccer moms, anymore. Pinterest is also a great tool to organize study tips, books you want to read, useful resources, #studyspo inspiration, and outfit ideas. Planning an event? Make a mood board on Pinterest. Going on a date? There are a plethora of cute, socially distant date ideas ready and waiting. Almost anything you need to find will be there.

With these new tricks, you’ll find yourself inspired and productive in no time. Fall might be a little chaotic for many this year, but that just means you need to get more creative with your personal space and study tools. So hit the books and keep your days booked — and hopefully, you’ll enjoy these autumn days in college.

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