How To Create A Designer Look On A Budget?


What makes high-end interiors, fashion and cars so desirable? It’s that luxurious look that isn’t accessible to everyone. But why shouldn’t you be able to achieve it in your home? You should. I am going to share a thing or two about how you can curate a designer look on a tight budget. The biggest thing I have learnt, is it’s all in the smaller details.

Show Off Your Personality

Collecting small objects that express your personality can make your space feel like a home rather than a showroom. The key to creating a high-end look on a low-end budget is individuality. Try to combine your accessories in unexpected ways, sometimes, if styled too perfectly, it can look like you have just copied something out of a magazine.

Don’t Spend Loads Replacing Your Older Items

Elevate the items you’ve had for years by placing them next to things made from raw and natural components – think of materials such as wood, marble and brass. This will help to bring life to items that you don’t need to change just yet.

Make The Focus About Shapes & Materials

When creating a display with your carefully selected accessories, try to use a tonal colour palette. While focusing on just one colour, this can draw your attention to the shapes and materials that are being used, rather than making the display too busy with colour. You can’t go wrong with timeless and unfussy white tones.

Backdrops Are Made To Be Simple

Keeping a simple backdrop even when it comes to your sideboard or rug is the perfect set-up for one of your unique accessories. It’s a lot easier to create your identity in a room when there’s no fuss distracting from the items that represent your personality. Look for minimalist sofas, storage and dining tables.

Finding Affordable Designer Furniture

Finding furniture inspired by designers for a lot less is possible. You can look in thrift shops or online ecommerce stores for either second hand pieces or brand new reproductions of designer styles, like for example Eames rocking chair from Pash Classics. Even when you have the budget to spend money on designer furniture, it is a big commitment and investment especially if small things such as your colour scheme can change. This could result in the designer piece suddenly looking out of place.

Reproductions and inspired designs help to make the designer look more accessible for everyone, meaning more people can enjoy these luxurious designs.

Be Bold

Make designs stand out by placing them in unexpected places. Take bold shapes and graphic elements and don’t be afraid to use them across your home.

Give Your Favourite Pieces Centre Stage

Choose your favourite pieces and allow them to take centre stage. This will make you feel happy, give an individual look to your home and make your home feel lavish. If you have a smaller space, you could try displaying items on a nesting table.

Wanting a high-end look for your home can be made easier and cheaper by following these helpful tips and tricks. Always remember, individuality is the key.

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