Things Every Bakery Should Have


Opening a new business or renovating one that has been around for years both come with a similar set of challenges. Every good baker should already have their kitchen needs sorted out, so this article won’t get into which stove is the best or what cookie cutters are the most reliable. Instead, it will focus on everything a bakery should have to make their storefront look as good as possible, attract new customers and keep present ones coming back for more.

Display Case

One of the best bakery store fixtures every bakeshop should have is a display case. You can have all the desserts and treats listed on a menu that you want, but it is much better when customers can see their options among all the fresh items. Depending on what kinds of desserts your bakery specializes in, you may want to invest in a refrigerated display case.

Either way, make sure to get a case that is big enough to show off all the desserts you are most proud of. Provided you have the space for it, get one with enough space to fit at least several of each product the business offers. This allows customers to see all the specialties your pastry emporium sells at once, which is sure to influence their buying decisions.

Specials Board

Whether your display board is outside or inside the shop, it can help to draw a customer’s eye. Do you have a new bakery item you’re selling for the first time? Do you have day-old pastries you are offering for a reduced price? Is there some other sale or promotion going on? If so, write it on the board.

Any type of board will work for this. Dry-erase or chalkboards tend to perform best, as they can be easily wiped off and changed every day to fit your needs. Whenever possible, try to add some color to the board or an illustration to attract the customer’s attention even more. Especially if your board is outside of the shop, do everything you can to make your place seem so special that customers want to come in and check it out.

While these two items might not seem enough to make a big difference, they can definitely increase sales. Both promotional boards and display cases make it easier for customers to know exactly what you are selling. Don’t wait any longer to invest in this equipment and start attracting more customers to your business today.


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