“Wedding Photographer Etiquette” You Need to Know


Let’s be totally honest. When it comes to your wedding day, it’s a huge event in your life, and the person snapping your photos will play a key role. The images recorded behind the camera tell your story and capture those incredible moments whether your nuptials take place indoors or outdoors. Of course, every couple on the planet wants their big day to glide along as seamlessly as possible, so it’s important that you choose your photography expert carefully. Here are some of our best etiquette tips to follow.

Paying For Experience

You have plenty of options in selecting the ideal photographer for your walk down the aisle, but one of the essentials to consider is how their portfolio stacks up.

In other words, experience matters, and that is what this kind of professional will deliver when you book them for your nuptials. Look at their albums, and check out their references. You can go to the person’s or company’s social media page to check out their latest work.

Surely, you can choose the new kid on the block with far less experience, but if you’re demanding the ultimate when saying “I do,” then go with the best in the business. You may have to pay more and book them early on because they’re in demand, but you’re going to get an awesome result.

A photo expert knows how to deal with inclement weather or imperfect lighting that can pop up at any time during your big event.

Choosing Your Photo Style

Documenting your day in your way is how it should be, so you want the right kind of expert shooting your pictures in a style you prefer.

For example, a couple may want photos that are captured in both color and black and white images. Or maybe you would love to see your walk down the aisle presented in a classic style that includes “the first kiss,” “cutting the cake,” etc.

Those are shots that are posed and traditional. Some couples would opt for images that celebrate the big day with real and unguarded moments.

Don’t be afraid to interview a potential expert about the style of photography you desire for your day and the specialties they are trained in.

Whatever you envision, Chicago wedding photographers will be more than happy to accommodate your style and create those unforgettable memories.

Covering About 12% Of The Total Budget

Your wedding images speak volumes about your “I do” moment and are essential for your nuptials. Many couples have a wedding budget but often forget how photography ties into the costs.

For instance, wedding experts estimate that your photographer will likely share about 12 percent of your overall budget.

Here in the United States, prices range between $1,150 and $3,000, with the average wedding photographer costing around $2,000. Some photographers include a print release, do editing and retouching, do the additional shooting, include a wedding album, and more.

Of course, your location matters, and a wedding in a big city would total up to a higher amount than in a smaller community.

It is recommended that you book the photographer as soon as you secure your venue.

Tipping Is Always Welcome

No, you don’t have to do this, but it is a kind gesture if you tip your photographer.

During most weddings, these pros are working for 6 to 12 hours, and they cover everything from your pre-ceremony events (getting ready with your bridesmaids or first-look photos) to the completion of your reception.

If they own their own business, you don’t need to tip, but if they are working out of a larger company, then wedding experts recommend a $100 to $200 tip. That’s a super-nice gesture.

You could always leave an online review for your photographer, too. It’s an extra way of saying thank you and something that they’d appreciate.

Planning a wedding big or small comes with tons of details, and hiring a photographer to document this beautiful day is a key component of the event. Not every photographer is equipped to do the job because they lack the experience and techniques that go with the special category of taking wedding pictures. We believe our tips can help you choose wisely.

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