Why to Keep an Eye on Google Algorithm Changes


Google has positioned itself as the most popular search engine in the world. If your website is not ranking well on Google, this could be a huge problem as you attempt to increase the overall volume of web-traffic to your site. For this reason, website-designers and SEO-experts around the globe pay close attention to what is going on with Googles ranking algorithm. The minute a change to the Google algorithm gets rolled out, literally millions of people involved in optimizing websites to improve their search engine rankings are thrown into a tizzy. The following are a few other reasons why you must keep an eye on what Google is doing to its ranking algorithm.

The Loss of Traffic

If you are not actively keeping up with changes to the Google algorithm, you will inevitably notice a sudden and major dip in traffic to your website when an algorithm change occurs. Even if you had a steady stream of traffic, such a change could send your metrics down to near zero. As a consequence, your website becomes more obscure and useless when this happens. So, keeping your website relevant is a primary reason to pay close attention to Google algorithm changes.

Improve Your Reaction Time

The trick to keeping the SEO of your website up to snuff in a timely fashion depends on how you or your SEO team reacts to changes in the Google algorithm. So, to respond quickly to these changes, you must keep a look out for when they are actually happening. The frequency of Google algorithm changes can be more often than you might expect, such as with the May 2020 core algorithm update, which was the second important Google algorithm change this year alone.

Understanding the Changes Being Made

Another reason to keep abreast to Googles algorithm changes is that you need to understand the nature of the changes being made. This both indicates how much of an impact this will have on your website, and what measures you must take to ensure your website maintains a top ranking under relevant search parameters. Sometimes this will require reading a little between the lines as it concerns the posts Google leaves for website-developers and SEO-experts to interpret. These posts can seem a little cryptic at times if you are not used to reading these update notices.

Researching for Solutions

When a significant enough change to the Google algorithm has been deployed, this can truly make waves—especially if the changes being made reorganizes how Google goes about ranking pages altogether. Sometimes a considerable amount of research must be done to figure out how to work with a new model for SEO compliance and website rankings. Such a change may force you to actually alter the whole look, feel and coding of your website just to satisfy a string of new conditions Google has introduced in its latest algorithm update.

After a major Google algorithm update has occurred, this can have a lot of website owners stressed out as they strive to achieve compliance and maintain excellent website rankings. Fortunately, you have a good team that stays on top of any changes and reacts quickly to ensure your website performs extremely well. When the dust settles, you can take a sigh of relief, because things will return to normal for a time. But, just to be on the safe side, it is perhaps a good idea to never get too comfortable where Googles algorithm is concerned.

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