Solar Energy: Fast Facts, Stats, and Trends You Need to Know


Not a lot of people realize how much harm harvesting and using excessive amounts of energy can do to the environment. If this continues at the current rate, there won’t be much left for the planet—which could spell further environmental dilemmas in the future.

With several issues like global warming, climate change, and the rising levels of pollution infiltrating the atmosphere, the obvious choice is to turn to renewable energy sources that can minimize the impact on Earth. It’s a happy balance—people can keep powering up their devices and buildings without getting too many resources from nature.

The truth is, solar energy is efficient—so how come people aren’t switching from traditional energy sources to this? The answer is most likely because of a lack of information. What better way to remedy this than learning about some facts and trends on solar energy?

The Different Industries Consuming Energy

To get a better grasp of how businesses are consuming energy, it’s a good idea to know the different industries that contribute to energy-intensive manufacturing:

  • Petroleum and coal refineries
  • Paper manufacturing, printing, and publication
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Iron and steel manufacturing
  • Chemical production (inorganic, organic, agricultural, etc.)

There are also a few non-manufacturing industries that contribute to this, like mining, construction, and agriculture.

Energy consumption is relative to the demands of the industry and region, so some countries have more significant needs than others. But on the whole, the world is set to use more energy in the coming years.

How Can Solar Energy Help?

It’s not enough to just be mindful of your electrical consumption habits—it will take a full switch to renewable energy for the world to change.

Solar energy is the most reliable and beneficial sources of renewable energy to date. With companies readily able to install solar panels and grids to facilitate this, it’s also the most accessible. Since its initial launch more than a decade ago, it has also become more affordable, allowing both individuals and businesses to make the switch.

Below is a detailed fact sheet on solar energy for both consumers and manufacturers that you should know.

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