New Ideas to Make Money During Quarantine


The Covid 19 pandemic has significantly transformed people’s way of life. Many have been forced to adjust their work schedules, and others are dealing with pay cuts and redundancies. No matter your situation, all is not lost. There are things you can do to earn from home and regain control over your financial status.

Check out new unique ideas for making money while in quarantine:

1. Streaming video games               

Being stuck at home can be stressful and depressing. And many have resulted in playing video games to relieve stress. Online gaming has numerous benefits and can be a great source of entrainment. Why not stream video games and make money as you enjoy doing what you love? If this interests you, here’s how to start a twitch community

  • Sign up for a Twitch channel and start streaming video games. 
  • Get followers and viewers. 

Although twitch may seem like other social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, it’s quite different. It requires commitment, time, and resources. For instance, how you welcome new viewers matters. Besides, the number of viewers determines how much you earn from the Twitch channel.

2. Shop with Shipt- and get paid!

Shipt is an online market that understands the customers can’t live without fresh produce. It helps deliver fresh food and other household necessities to customers. You should apply or sign up to join, get approval, and download the app. You should also meet other requirements. These are, for example, be over 18 years or older, understand how the process works, have a vehicle, and valid U.S driver’s license.

With Shipt, you don’t come into contact with the customer when delivering the goods. You always reach customers through the app and have the option to pick a few physical hand-offs. However, you have to stay safe and use a sanitizer after making hand deliveries.

3. Trade stocks

Nowadays, stock market news are all about lows. But any seasoned stock trader will tell you that volatility is a critical money-making aspect while trading stocks. You don’t necessarily need to invest in stocks in the long-term. Instead, take advantage of the short periods of market volatility and make big money.

Practical short-term techniques that you can employ are;

Day trading- Monitor the price movement every hour and buy stocks when they are undervalued and sell them when you’re sure to fetch a considerable amount. 

Shorting- Shorting stocks means that you borrow some shares of stock from your broker, sell them, and later buy them at a lower price. 

4. Start a delivery business

With the Covid 19 pandemic, the demand for delivery drivers is on the rise. Renowned companies like Amazon are battling with high volumes of deliveries, and other small ventures are now getting into the delivery business. To make money while in quarantine, sign up for a delivery route and work when you wish. What’s more? You can do this comfortably from home. 

5. Take paid writing gigs

You may be used to the 8 AM-5 PM schedule, but you can take advantage of the quarantine period, work and earn from home. You can easily pick writing gigs from sites like Upwork or Guru, have an unending list of tasks. Some of the in-demand skills are tutoring, copywriting, video editing, coding, social media management, and more.

The bottom line

As the saying goes, when one gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the economy, and many have lost businesses and income. But, complaining about the hard economic times won’t help. Take advantage of the quarantine period and think of smart ways of making money from home. The above tips will help you in deciding the best money-making path to take.

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