5 Work-From-Home Marketing Jobs to Consider During Corona Times


At the moment, the COVID-19 pandemic is rampaging across the world, due to which most companies transfer their employees to remote work or send them on vacation. But there are professions for which remote work outside the office is a very convenient and natural option.

Most likely, when you are thinking about the essence of the word “marketing”, in your head, you get a picture of a huge office with many employees in it. But in reality, working in the marketing industry often requires only a laptop and a convenient working environment in absolutely any setting that suits the employee. So, as a marketer, you can work anywhere and at your convenience, which is undoubtedly a huge plus.

We want to offer you a list with 5 marketing professions that would be ideal for remote work, which will help you earn money despite the quarantine measures around the world because if the coronavirus pandemic. This is a great opportunity to avoid the office bustle and keep some money still flowing into your pockets.

1. Affiliate Marketer

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a process when people promote certain goods or services and receive a share of the income from the product sold. The people promoting such products or services are usually influencers on the Internet or popular social network users. Making money through affiliate marketing is a lot easier if you already have an online presence. But in theory, anyone can start this business.

The products or services that these people promote can be almost anything – it all depends on the company supplying them.

What is an affiliate program? Is it different from affiliate marketing, is it a part it or a completely different thing? An affiliate program is the same as affiliate marketing, it just has a narrower concept. While affiliate marketing refers to a broad definition of the concept itself, affiliate programs define a more specific process. These affiliate programs are usually launched by various companies or websites to attract potential users and offer them something in return. You can join one at Adsy.com – a reputable international service provider.

2. Marketing Copywriter

Сopywriting refers to a specialized type of activity consisting of the preparation and writing of advertising texts. The definition is dry but extremely simple. But underneath this simplicity lies a considerable share of difficulties because an advertising text helps promote a business and/or legal entity. And this is of great importance because no business can do without a promotion.

Today, copywriting is becoming global, as transnational corporations and other enterprises are increasingly promoting themselves globally. And they have a global audience at their disposal. This leads to an unprecedented increase in demand for copywriters (specialists who prepare and write the corresponding texts). Advertising and marketing campaigns are deployed on a web basis, further increasing the demand for creative writers who can do the job on a budget. Naturally, those involved in copywriting are required to know and respect copyrights.

3. Content Marketer

A content marketer is a specialist who develops and implements a content strategy: from selecting a news feed to preparing a publication plan, finding sites, and writing text materials.

It is the content marketer who distributes useful and interesting information, thereby attracting users’ attention and increasing confidence in a particular company, goods, or services. A competent specialist distributes exclusively relevant, high-quality, and valid information that in itself is not an advertisement but performs similar functions. He also prepares high-quality images for the content, as the images as no less important than the text is. These should be professional and quality images; in order to get perfect images they usually use professional photo editing services, such as retouching for photographers. The advantages of attracting such specialists are that they unobtrusively and covertly promote something by raising trust and effectively attracting the attention of the target audience.

A content marketer tactfully and unobtrusively answers all the questions of potential clients, predicting them before they even arise, in order to sell a product or service. However, such specialist should know how to work not only with text but also with a lot of alternative materials.

It is possible to convey information to a potential client in various ways, and a content marketer should be able to do this through a whole network of diverse communications. A content marketer is a specialist who independently invents, and then implements (often with the help of copywriters), a detailed strategy or plan for creating useful content, together with its high-quality and effective distribution.

4. Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst is a type of a marketer who collects and analyzes information about the market for goods and services, competitors, and consumer behavior, and defines the success of the marketing strategy of the company. This profession is one of the most prestigious and important in its segment.

A marketing analyst must not only perform calculations flawlessly but also know where to look for relevant information. Most often, marketing analysts use the mass media, the Internet, and special software to help them in their task. After collecting information, the analyst uses analytical tools and selects a marketing strategy for the development of the company.

The analytics marketing needs a special mindset, such specialists have brilliant thinking, good memory, and a notepad full of contacts. Teams and CEOs value market analysts, because the success of the company, its profits, and authority depend on their work.

5. Social Media Manager

An SMM manager controls the specialists in the team and the processes that have everything to do with the promotion of the company or brand in social networks. An SMM manager is a kind of team leader or project manager who is responsible for planning the work of other specialists and thinking out strategies for social networks.

SMM manager:

  1. Integrates SMM activities in the brand’s marketing strategy (promotion on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.).
  2. Manages the promotion budget and advertising activities.
  3. Establishes and upholds the brand reputation on social networks.
  4. Analyzes competitors.
  5. Manages the team.
  6. Works with the media.
  7. Integrates the company’s web resources (websites, online stores, landing pages etc.) with accounts on social networks, thinks up incentives for joining.
  8. Works with opinion leaders.
  9. Tracks brand mentions, identifies trends, and invents content for them.


As you can see, there are a lot of marketing jobs you can do from home during pandemic. All of them are very important for companies. SMM managers, marketing analysts, content marketers, marketing copywriters, and affiliate marketers – these are the most popular marketing professions that are in high demand right now. The pandemic does not affect the life of these specialists, they will always have money on their bank accounts. Home setting or office – all conditions are comfortable for them.

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