How to Keep Your Transportation Fleet Safe and Active


Your transportation fleet company will face a number of setbacks. These setbacks will lead to delays that affect your drivers, dispatchers and all other employees. Youll have a long line of angry customers and severe reductions in sales. To keep your business active, follow these guidelines to maintain the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

Set Safe Drivers Schedules

For chemical transport, every fleet company should put the safety of their drivers first. Fatigue is a common problem that increases the risks of road accidents and reduces the efficiency of workers. Every driver involved in chemical transport should be closely monitored and restricted in the number of hours that they work during the day or night.

The fleet manager should penalize drivers who violate driving safety policies. Issue a warning for every violation that is committed, restrict the drivers work hours and reduce his or her pay. Include a warning to any driver who fails to perform proper vehicle maintenance. Last, consider terminating any employee who receives three or more violations.

Set Maintenance Schedules

Keeping your drivers safe must involve following weekly, monthly and annual schedules for vehicle maintenance. The average professional driver drives hundreds to thousands of miles every week. Failing to maintain the efficiency of the vehicle is not an option. Maintenance is necessary to reduce the risks of vehicle breakdowns and prevent the need for auto repairs.

Maintain the Tires

Most truck drivers work every day, but many of them overlook the care and maintenance of their tires. Regular drivers are recommended to rotate their tires every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. However, many professional drivers drive 10,000 miles in one or two weeks. They need to check their tires more often and as frequently as once a month. They are encouraged to obtain professional tire services that include rotations, replacements and pressure checks.

Install Safety Features

Make sure that modern safety features are installed onto your existing vehicles. Consider the wide range of features available when you need to buy new or used vehicles. Most drivers are expected to face all road conditions from heavy rainfall to strong winds and thick snow. Install snow tires, emergency brakes and shatterproof glass along with accident avoidance systems that prevent side, rear and head-on collisions.

The dependability of your companys fleet drivers and vehicles is the foundation of your business. You cannot afford to deal with delays from drivers who have gotten into accidents or have broken-down vehicles on the road. The best way for your business to succeed is to follow a consistent plan to maintain the good status of your drivers and their vehicles.

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