Some social media marketing glitches that need to be avoided


Social media is one of the greatest platforms that marketers have at their disposal right now. There is no right way to use it, so if you can figure how to stay connected with the audience through the right content, you are doing good.

But there is a wrong method of marketing your brand using social media. These pitfalls can be harsh for your business as one wrong move on social media can cost you tons of leads.

Though you can correct your mistake, it is best to not make any blunders. Over 3.5 million people use social media regularly. If you as a business want to tap into this, avoid these seven social media marketing mistakes.

Mistake 1: Not having any strategy for your social media

Social media just like other platforms requires a strategy. You cannot launch your business on social platforms without having a plan. If you do that, you will invest tons of time on it, post for awhile, and then you will stop. It is a big mistake as it makes your followers wonder about your relevancy.

Thus, create a plan keeping in mind your goals. What goal do you have for launching your social page? Is it, to get more customers or for a brand image or so on. When you have the answer to do this, you can create a team and plan on how to target the customers in the right manner.

Mistake 2: Creating an account on every social media platform

There are too many social media platforms, and making an account on every one of them is not a good idea. Social media is time-consuming, and you need to post at least once a day to keep the audience hooked.

If you have a lot of accounts, it will divide the attention of your team, and no social media page will get the quality content. So, instead of having a presence on all social media platforms, find out three which work great for you. For that, you have to see your brand goals, its niche, and most importantly the platforms which your target audience uses.

Mistake 3: Not editing your content

One main negative aspect of social media for brands is that even a single mistake can haunt them forever. A typo, for instance, can convey a different message altogether. Also, even if you delete it, it will remain fresh in the minds of your customers, and it can even circulate on the internet as memes or GIFs.

That is why editing and proofreading your content is important. Whether you are uploading a pic or writing a caption, edit it before publishing it. Moreover, you need to post only the best content, which means editing your images if the needs arise. Use Canva to edit your images or even create originals.

Mistake 4: Not addressing negative feedback

Getting negative feedback is part of a business’s life. But it is a great opportunity to learn and improve yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of brands either ignore the negative message or apologize without any explanation.

A customer doesn’t want either of these. They want an assurance that you would improve your product and serve them better. So, make sure you reply promptly to negative feedback and learn from your mistakes.

Also, some users have no issue with the product or service, they have an issue with the brand, and they say negative things. Even in this scenario, make sure you reply with positive words, it can make a huge difference.

Don’t delete negative feedback, be professional, and ask the caller to contact you directly using mail or phone to find the underlying cause of the issue.

Mistake 5: Making it all about promoting your brand

You don’t want to keep promoting your brand left and right on social media. A customer wants information or relevant content. If you bombard them with promotional material, they will leave.

Instead, be sociable and share good content which subtly promotes your brand as you do need to sell your product.

Mistake 6: Being too serious

Social media is all about fun and its atmosphere is chilled. So, you don’t have to be unprofessional, but being a little loose is crucial. So, share memes that poke fun at your brand or show a glimpse of your brand event or how employees work to create a personal rapport with the audience.

It is important to be aware of these mistakes, as too many mistakes can leave you high and dry with no customer or revenue system.

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