How to Make a Travelogue: 7 Travel Journal Ideas and Writing Tips


Traveling has become a trend and success indicator for several years. And this means that a story about your journey in the form of a travelogue is a great way to expand your target audience, increase the number of subscribers in your social profiles and even start making money with ads on YouTube. Therefore, in this article, we have collected several ideas and tips on how to write your travelogue, and make it interesting and involving.

Write and Speak From the First Person

Your travelogue is your personal story, your personal experience. This is not an academic essay, so you have every right to write in the first person, add your thoughts and your opinion, give your individual assessment. This is important advice, because, at some point, your subscribers will wait for feedback from you.

Also, a good approach is to record a video right on the spot. Firstly, having a video, you can immediately remember your emotions from visiting a particular attraction, plus, you can always collect your notes into a full-fledged travelogue video, but we will talk about this in one of the following paragraphs.

Stay Honest

Since you will be speaking and writing in the first person, it is very important to remain honest with your readers, viewers, and subscribers. Therefore, if something really surprised you, feel free to talk about it. In addition, do not hesitate to say that some stage of your trip did not go according to plan, or you became an involuntary participant in a certain story, or something in the place of your stay disappointed you. This is very valuable and lively information that adds to your travelogue your personality and individual perception.

Deliver Value

If you follow our previous advice and remain honest with your readers, this already means that you are delivering significant value. Unfortunately, a very large number of reviews about hotels, flights, airlines, local services are fake. Modern users are aware of this, and try to find truthful information first hand. Your travelogue can become this source if you add value to your story. For example, you can talk about

  • where to buy the most profitable airline tickets
  • where to stay in the city to save on an overnight stay but get good service
  • what to see and how to avoid queues at the most popular travel objects
  • what discounts are provided for students or travelers with young children
  • where you can profitably eat and drink away from tourist places
  • how best to use public transport to see all the fun and not overpay
  • what pitfalls to watch out for
  • where is the best place to shop
  • what can be exported from the country without the risk of being detained at customs
  • and many other specific questions that will be individual for each country you visit.

Add an Interview With an Interesting Person

If you add an interview with an interesting person who has been living in the country you are visiting for many years, this will make your travelogue even more interesting and truthful. For example, with the help of social networks, you can find people from your country who have immigrated to the country you are visiting and ask them to talk about life in this country firsthand. As a rule, the information you receive will differ significantly from the generally available data or stereotypes about a particular country, which are rooted in the thoughts of a large number of users.

Plus, try to get in touch with unique and interesting people whose fates and lives are not like the others. Communicate with hermits, activists, illegal immigrants to get an idea about the reverse side of life in a particular society.

Take a Lot of Photos and Choose the Best Ones for Your Travelogue

In most cases, a picture can say more than a few pages of written text. Therefore, take as many photos as possible. However, do not get carried away with selfies amid popular attractions – readers of your travelogue will quickly get tired of admiring your face in each photo. Try to photograph the truth and show the reality on each of your photos – this is of great value and is an excellent supporting argument to your every statement.

Attach a Video as Well

It is a great idea to convert your written travelogue to video format. Statistics show that first-person video and live narration is more engaging than text, even with a lot of photos. However, no one forbids you to release your travelogue in two formats at once – in video and in the text to maximize the satisfaction of users who may like to read and watch depending on the situation.

Check and Proofread Your Text

This is a final but very important step – your travelogue must be written correctly. If you still remember the times when you were in college, then you probably remember that it is necessary to re-read your text several times, try to turn long sentences into short ones for better reading, plus check the text for typos using special services.

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