Social Currency: What Is It and How to Use it to Build Your Personal Brand

With social media booming more than ever, there is no doubt that companies are now looking at social media platforms to paint a picture of what your interests are. Even though creating professional social media accounts sounds rather intimidating, it can be learned pretty quickly referencing the biggest and best influencers out there. 

When building your online persona, think of it as currency. Everytime you go to post something, you’re spending your hard earned currency. By showing authenticity, trustworthiness, and reliability through each and every post you promote, you’re able to gain followers that have the same passions and interests as you. You’re creating a community of like-minded individuals that are wanting to join strong communities like your own. 

To optimize your social currency and leverage your own social media persona to be seen by those passionate in the same industries as you, check out Mint’s infographic below!

How to Leverage Social Currency to Build Your Personal Brand


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