Are you riding safely? 5 safety tips for motorcycle riders


Riding a motorcycle isn’t for everyone, in fact, it takes a lot more skill, training and strength to remain in control of a motorcycle and ride it safely than it does a car. Sadly, every year there are thousands of deaths and injuries on the roads involving cars and motorcycles – click the link to find a ‘motorcycle accident lawyer near me’. 

You can’t account for every road user, however, as a motorcycle enthusiast, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re a little safer on the road and perhaps less likely to become involved in a road traffic accident. Read on for 5 safety tips for motorcycle riders.

Protect your head and face

Getting on a motorbike means that you have less protection than you would if you were in a car. So, with this in mind, you must protect your face and body as much as possible. Therefore, wearing a helmet with an eye shield is imperative. Don’t get on a bike without one, your helmet could save your life and prevent a catastrophic head injury. 

Protect your body

Many accidents result in the rider being ejected from their bike and skidding along the tarmac at speed. This creates all kinds of horrific injuries. To protect your body, you should only ever ride your bike when wearing protective gear including bike leathers, boots, jackets, gloves and other protective items.

As most motorcycle accidents occur because motorists fail to spot motorcyclists in time, you should invest in high visibility items and reflective tape to keep yourself seen.

Look after your bike

It’s safe to say that most motorcycle riders are passionate about their bikes, so keeping them well maintained and looked after should come naturally. Your bike should only be ridden if it is roadworthy, the tyres are correctly inflated and that all fluids are topped up. 

Drive defensively

Never assume that other motorists can see you, wait for vehicles to complete their manoeuvres before passing them, stay out of blind spots and always ride with your headlamp on. 

Obey the speed limit

Your bike is fast and powerful and there’s nothing more tempting than pushing its limits and enjoying the thrill as you tear up a seemingly empty road. However, you should always stick to the speed limit even if the road ahead appears clear. You’ll make it difficult for other motorists to spot you and react in time, and you may not spot these hazards yourself! Risking your life and the life of others on the road. 

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