3 Ways To Refresh Your Workspace


Have you recently started working from home? Due to the current circumstances, many individuals are now transitioning from working in the office to the home. This is a major change that a large group of people is facing. Whether you are new to this or not, there are inevitably added stressors for everyone. If you have children, they are likely to be home with you now, or you may lack adequate space for an office. Whatever your current struggle may be, it’s crucial to refresh your workspace for maximum productivity during work hours. Read below for several tips for giving your space a much-needed refreshment.


The first area to think about when upgrading your office space is comfort. The work for home conversion came quite abruptly, making comfort a low priority. However, it is actually vital for getting work accomplished. If you are uncomfortable in your workspace, how can you be productive? You will spend a significant amount of time trying to situate yourself. When updating, there are some large and small alterations you can make. A minor adjustment is simply adding a cushion to your chair. Take a blanket and fold it in half or just grab the pillow from your bed – a quick and effective addition! You can also add scents that promote calmness and productivity, such as, a lavender candle or diffusing peppermint oil. On a larger scale, you might need to purchase an ergonomic office chair if you notice your posture is suffering. When sitting for eight hours, you can begin to feel lethargic and sluggish, especially if you are sitting incorrectly. A proper chair that supports your neck, back, and makes it easy to move around is one of the primary elements of being comfortable while working.


In your workspace, incorporate items or decorations that inspire you. Having different design elements that motivate you to achieve business goals is important for staying on task at home. For example, find some fashionable picture frames that act as a focal point in the room. If you have none at home already, consider shopping online to find frames that have bright colors or some that are larger in size to showcase something special to you. Use the picture frames to display your favorite quote or something that is inspiring. You can also use the frames for photos of loved ones or a favorite vacation spot. Whatever it is for you, pick something that when you look at it visually, you feel more calm or motivated to keep working hard, even though you aren’t in your normal working environment.


There are so many factors that can distract you while adapting to the new working from home lifestyle. Whether you’re adjusting in general or your children are home with you, many components are pulling for your attention. Your goal for this refreshing tip is secluding yourself in a workspace filled with things to fight these obstacles. We already discussed the importance of comfort and inspiration, but the final and most significant element is cleanliness. Wherever you’re working at home, ensure that there is no clutter in your space. No loose paper on your desk, dirty dishes from yesterday’s lunch, non-work-related items, or just random belongings you place down because you don’t know where to put them. Having these items in your workspace will add to the stress you are already facing. It’s essential to clear your office of distracting objects, and always clean up each night before you leave to avoid build-up.

Working from home is no easy adjustment, however, it comes with several benefits, too. Focus on how you are eliminating your commute and that you are in the comfort of your own home! Take these suggestions into consideration to refresh your workspace to maximize productivity during your work hours. So, each day you will have more appreciation for the opportunity of additional time at home. Share with us below what tweaks you made to be more effective when working from home!

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