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The life of a student is not easy as they have to deal with a lot of things throughout the academic year to pass their course. From participating in quizzes to submitting assignments in short deadlines, everything haunts students and makes their life miserable. This whole scenario makes students take shortcuts, and they end up creating more troubles for themselves. One such shortcut taken by many students is the usage of material that is already available on the internet. This act is known as plagiarism, and it is considered academic dishonesty by many institutes.

Plagiarism is no doubt an unforgivable crime, but the students shouldn’t be the only ones to be cursed. The teachers should play their part in letting students know the consequences of committing this offense and check for plagiarism before submitting any work. But teachers don’t pay any heed to this thing, so we have come up with this post to let students know how to check for plagiarism and what are its negatives consequences. Before moving on to the solution, let’s first look into the side effects of plagiarism.

The Consequences of Plagiarism

  1. “F” Grade

If you didn’t check for plagiarism before submitting your assignment and the teacher finds out plagiarism from your text, then you might be awarded with an “F” or failing grade in that particular course or subject. It depends on the regulations of your institute that how strict or lenient they are in dealing with plagiarism.

  1. Suspension

If you have failed to cite sources properly in your text, and your institute has figured it out that the material belongs to another author, then you can face suspension from the on-going semester. It will waste your time and effort, and your degree will be delayed as you will have to repeat that semester.

  1. Expulsion

This is the worst consequence you can face due to plagiarism. If your end of the program’s thesis paper is found to be plagiarized, then your university might cancel your degree, and no refund will be made for the fees you have paid throughout.

Combat Plagiarism with Copyright Checker

Technology has made things easier for us in several ways. One such modern invention is plagiarism checker software that cross-matches your text with billions of data available online and lets you know whether plagiarism is existing or not. There are many copyright checker tools available online to check for plagiarism, but you have to find the best one. The students should find a tool that allows them to check for plagiarism for free. Let’s discuss the features you must look for in a free plagiarism checker that will help you in fighting against plagiarism.

Resource Identification

When you check for plagiarism, you must look for a tool that will provide the list of sources from where your text is plagiarized. As far as you don’t know the matching sources, it’s a problem for you. But as soon as you identify them, you can cite them properly in your academic writing and save yourself from plagiarism.

Percentage Information

Several institutes allow a certain percentage of plagiarism in academic writings. Therefore, you must look for a plagiarism checker that shows the results of plagiarized and unique data in terms of percentage. If the detected plagiarized data percentage is within the allowed limit, then you don’t have to worry about removing it. Whereas, if the percentage is above the permitted limit, then you have to remove it to avoid the negative consequences.

Downloadable Report

The copyright checker you are going to use should provide you the plagiarism report that is easy to download and share with others. The plagiarism report will contain the statistics related to your text’s uniqueness or piracy. At times, your teacher might accuse you of committing plagiarism. If you already did check for plagiarism and download a plagiarism report that clearly shows there are no signs of plagiarism in your file, then you can show it to the teacher. It will prove that the accusations are false, and you haven’t committed this crime.


You might be thinking that all of these features might not be available in a free plagiarism checker. It’s not true as there are some platforms like DupliChecker that provide a brilliant tool to check for plagiarism. The plagiarism checker on this website allows you to check plagiarism from as many documents as you like at whatever time of the day. There is one limitation of this tool that is its word limit per search. It allows you to check for plagiarism from the 1000-word article in a single go. But, you can overcome this problem by dividing your text into parts to check plagiarism from lengthy documents. This copyright checker is super-easy to use and provides lightning-fast results. Hence, for me, this the best free online plagiarism checker for students.


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