8 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales Through Social Media


Social media is one of the leading marketing platforms for businesses. They can use it to create brand awareness and to develop a loyal client base. Besides, a social media campaign is cheaper than other marketing strategies. If you plan to take this path, then here are eight strategies to start you off:

Know Where Your Audience Resides Online

To reach your target audience using social media marketing, you need to know their location online; get to know the platforms that your audience is likely to use. The essential factor to consider is the age group, as some generations tend to prefer some platforms to others.

Once you locate your audience, learn how to use the platform and start your campaign. The best practice is to focus on the platforms that host a majority of your target market. This is better than opening accounts on every platform.

Personalise Your Marketing

With so many businesses marketing on social media, customers are looking for campaigns that are focused on more than selling. Therefore, you should share content that is relevant to the prospective customer. It would be best if you write in a friendly language and address the reader directly.

Make Use of Social Proof

Ask your past clients to write reviews about your product or service. You can also share screenshots of messages from your happy clients. The strategy works like a charm because people are more comfortable with products that others have used or are using. This strategy makes your product look authentic and worth trying out.

User-generated content, UGC, is another type of social proof worth considering. It includes sharing pictures taken by your clients while using your product and linking to profiles or posts that mention your brand. You can offer incentives to customers who post about your business on their timelines.

Support a Relevant Cause

Supporting or taking part in a cause that is important to your audience is an excellent strategy for driving sales through social media. Examples include scholarships, community service, and charity events, among others. Even small businesses can find an activity that puts them on a positive spotlight. Find these opportunities and grasp them, then promote them on your social media platforms.

Get an Influencer on Board

Influencers are people who have a large following on a specific social media platform. Every successful social media marketing campaign has one or two influencers pushing it. It is because tens of thousands, and in some cases, over a million people will see any post the influencer shares, likes, or comments on. Besides, about 70% of online users trust influencers.

Ensure your influencer has a good rapport with your target audience. The right way is to stick with influencers in your industry or those who believe in your brand. You can ask them to share your posts or review your products in return for monetary payment or free samples.

Post Images and Infographics

Images receive more reposts, likes, and shares than plain texts. Therefore, get into the habit of sharing pictures that speak about your brand and what it stands for. You can use images together with texts to reinforce your message. Infographics have also been proved to capture the attention of the intended audience.

Use Paid Ads

Having quality content on your social media account is necessary, but it is not sufficient, especially when you need to increase your sales. Paid ads guarantee to present your content to the right audience at a small fee. It also amplifies the number of users your content can reach. However, learn the basics before you put your money on this strategy.

Be Consistent

Consistency is an irreplaceable ingredient for success in social media marketing. Remain active throughout the campaign; analyse your performance, learn from your mistakes, and improve. Also, engage your audience by replying promptly to comments and answering their questions.


The strategies above will set you on the path to market your brand successfully. You do not have to employ all of them, start with a few and improve over time. Above all, remember that your aim is to build a relationship with your potential clients. Let all your content be relevant to the target audience, and once you find what works, be consistent.

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