Ways to Keep Your Home Well-Ventilated


It is always vital that you are living inside a home where you can experience fresh air. Having a home with proper ventilation contributes and benefits the people in it, especially for their health, and most importantly, their comfort. If you think that your home isn’t well-ventilated, now’s the time you should make a move to transform your place to a much homier and airier one.

Fan up!

Utilising an air conditioner for a much more comfortable feeling is not enough to maintain healthy airflow. You can always turn on your ceiling fan or standing fan since they provide air circulation and movement which pushes away stale fumes. It also reduces the build-up of compounds, which results in allergies and asthma. When the humidity is increasing, and your home does not have an adequate ventilation system, it could become a breeding place for dust and mites. Installing exhaust fans in designated crowded areas helps in keeping the fresh atmosphere of your home. There are different kinds of fans which have different functions that can suit your home depending on your needs and preferences.

Welcome natural air

You may think that this tip is a no-brainer, most notably for those living in the city, since other people do not often open their windows because they easily get annoyed by the noise and dust. But if you are living in a place where there is unlimited fresh air, grasp the opportunity. It reduces the need for fans and other electric cooling gadgets. On the other hand, if you are having a hard time exerting effort using manual window controls, there are innovative window openers that feature smart-technology and enable them to operate automatically based on the season and environmental conditions. These types of window controls are safe to use by the elderly, and even children.

Don’t suffocate yourself

It may be hard to move and have a well-ventilated place during the winter season, but at least try to air out your home if you can. Try to open your windows three times a day with your central heating turned off. Leaving your window vents open in that kind of climate may make a tiny difference to the heating levels of your home, but at least it will let go of any stale odour that was trapped. Also, find a way to make air pass through each part of your home – proper ventilation in the kitchen, bathroom, and even in the attic will be beneficial in maintaining the living quality and ambience of your home.

If we block the air from entering and leaving our home, it can result in unfavourable atmospheric conditions like trapping unwanted odours inside your home. Once they spread to every part of your home, they may be hard to remove. It is one of the reasons why it is essential to keep your home balanced: with fresh air coming in and going out, and with the comfort and joy of living in it without any hassle.


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