How to Put Long Hair Up – Easy Tips and Tricks


Don’t have an hour to style your hair in the morning or even 30 minutes? Don’t worry! Putting up your long hair in something other than a ponytail or messy bun isn’t as complicated as you think. And it will help you a lot to achieve “business look”. There are many tips and tricks you can use to put your long hair up fast to be ready for work or a night on the town. Here are a few cute but sophisticated ways to put up long hair you’re going to love.


The Essential Tool

No matter how you choose to put your long hair up, one thing that will help it looks its best is an antistatic hairbrush. But how do antistatic hair brushes work? It’s not that complicated!

Antistatic brushes prevent static electricity because they’re made of materials that won’t let static gather in the first place. So, as you brush your hair you’re not creating a charge that causes your hair to look as if you’re participating in a strange science experiment.

A Braided Top Knot

Braids can take a look from bland to brilliant with showing of lovely skin fast, so why not incorporate them into your favorite top knot look?

To create a braided top knot, simply gather your hair into a high ponytail. Then, braid the hair and secure the end with a trusty hair tie. Next, wrap the braid around the ponytail base and use bobby pins to anchor the end. You can opt to keep the braid tight for a more polished look or add a little texture by loosening it before you wrap it around the base. Whatever option you go for, you’ve got a braided top knot that even a celebrity would wear on the red carpet.

A Crown Braid

You’ve probably seen the crown braid at the last Coachella or your cousin’s spring wedding, but you don’t have to be going anywhere special to make it one of your go-to hairstyles.

A crown braid is really easy to do. You start by parting your hair on the side, braiding one side down away from your face. Then you wrap the braid around your head until it meets up with the other side, securing it with bobby pins once it gets there. Feel free to pull some hairs out to frame your face to give a less polished feel.

Fishtail Ponytail

Have you ever looked at someone with a beautiful fishtail hairstyle and thought “I could never recreate that”? Well, now you can. A fishtail style is a lot easier to do than you may realize and shouldn’t be filed away as an easy method you can use to put your long hair up.

First, pull your hair back into a high ponytail with your ForBabs anti static brush. Then, fishtail braid the hair. To accomplish this, separate your ponytail into two sections. Talk a small, half-inch section from one side, then cross it over to the opposite side, tuck it under, and then pull to tighten. Next, take a section from the opposite side and do the same thing. Continue alternating sides until you reach the end and secure it with a hair tie. Voila! A fishtail braid that looks sophisticated and like you spent a ton of time on it when you only took a few minutes.

A Double Pony

If you want to add some major volume to your hairdo without a lot of hairspray, then a double pony is the look for you. It adds height and length, elevating this look way above the average ponytail. Best of all, its’ easy to do.

First, pull all the hair that is above your ears up and secure it with a hair tie in a ponytail. The hair beneath it is still hanging loosely until you scoop that hair up to create a second ponytail right underneath the first. Use a fine-tooth comb to tease the top ponytail and create fullness. Once it’s all done, it looks like you have just one very voluminous pony.

The Reverse French Twist

If you love a nice chignon but also like a low ponytail, then why not put them together to create one unique look? This hybrid hairstyle is easy to do but looks interesting, modern, and distinctive.

First, use your antistatic brush to brush your long hair back into a low ponytail. It should sit just above the nape of your neck. Don’t secure it just yet! Next, use both of your hands to twist the ponytail, creating a roll that contours the center of your head. Secure this twist with bobby pins about every half inch down the roll. Now you have an elegantly twisted ponytail that looks like a million bucks.

Headband Tuck

Are you a fan of incorporating headbands into your daily look? Who isn’t! Headbands are a great accessory that should be worn more often – and you can use them to help you create this modern look that is great for all textures of hair.

To master this look, tease your hair up in the back to give it a little volume. Then gather it back into a high ponytail. Next, take a ribbon or thin piece of fabric and tie it over the ponytail at the nape of your neck, keeping the tie close to the hairline in the front. Then, simply tug the top of the pony up from the fabric to create overhang.


Long hair has so many possibilities but something you just want to put it up. Now you no longer have to wonder how to put long hair up with a little style. You can try one of these looks the next time you want to put your hair up and go!

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