Workplace Wellness: Take Steps To Improve Your Health


Like many Americans, you probably spend the bulk of your day at work. In office jobs, that usually means a lot of time sitting, which isn’t exactly good for one’s health. When you want to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, what can you do? The good news is, there are lots of little steps that can add up to a big difference, even for office workers. To ease physical tension, burn more calories and potentially reduce the risk for various diseases, embracing a few new habits can help. Maybe you take a walk every day on your lunch break, for example, or park farther away from the building. Perhaps you replace that morning donut with a piece of fruit or stock your desk with healthy snacks.

With that in mind, in the accompanying resource, find approachable, practical ways to meet the recommended activity level, improve your diet and counteract a sedentary lifestyle — even as a desk worker. From getting a standing desk to drinking plenty of water, sometimes the simplest tweaks can boost your health. Learn more in this infographic. HR professionals may want to consider sharing this information with their co-workers, which can serve as a helpful reminder for the entire office.

This infographic was created by Center for Weight Loss Surgery

Author bio: Dr. Myur S. Srikanth is a board-certified bariatric and cosmetic surgeon at the
Center for Weight Loss Surgery. He has been performing bariatric surgery exclusively since 2000 and has performed over 3,500 weight loss surgeries. Dr. Srikanth performs nearly every operation that is currently available to treat obesity. 

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