Reasons Why Tagaytay Living Is Better Than Manila


The city is usually the first thing to come to mind when thinking of a place to settle in, buy a home, and start a family. Of course, the city is always the best idea since everything is just within your reach – commercial hubs, schools, hospitals, gasoline stations, markets, and business districts, just to name a few. 

However, living in the metro also has its downsides. For one, traffic has gone really bad. Even way before the Christmas season, traffic has already worsened over time in Manila. So much of people’s times are wasted as majority of these are spent sitting – or sometimes even standing – in vehicles and other public transportation. In relation to traffic, pollution has also started affecting and contributing to the fast deterioration of one’s health. As traffic goes bad, so does pollution. 

Life has been so fast-paced and toxic in the city lately, which makes it so hard for those whose lives revolve around the concrete jungle to stay still. Fortunately, as years go by, real estate businesses and establishments continue to improve over time; hence, making it easy for people who are always on-the-go to escape the stressful city life and live closer to a much more relaxing and peaceful setting. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, you must not have been to Tagaytay then! So, without much of a chatter, here’s a list of reasons why Tagaytay living is better than Manila:

Close Proximity To Manila

Can’t entirely let go of the city? That’s not a problem at all! Tagaytay is popularly known for its close proximity to Manila as it can only take about an hour to an hour and a half of drive going to and from the place. In fact, traveling to Tagaytay now has been a lot easier because of the numerous expressways and shortcuts you can take to reach the city in such a short period of time. Worry no more about the traffic because you have many options to choose from!

Colder Climate

Dubbed as the Second Summer Capital of the Philippines is Tagaytay City, a small town in the province of Cavite. Because of its high altitude situated on top of mountain ridges, Tagaytay is also famous for its year-round cold and misty weather. This is the main reason why a lot of people searching for homes nowadays prefer settling in Tagaytay. 

Over the years, climate change has affected the city, especially Manila, because the country is located somewhere near the equator. With that, so much homeowners now prefer living either in Baguio, Tagaytay, or somewhere high up in the mountains to experience colder weather all year round. This does not only let you feel a whole lot more relaxed, but it also contributes to your overall wellbeing, allowing you to refresh your mind every once in a while and still be at peace despite work.

Accessibility At Its Finest

Think you’re going to have a hard time living in Tagaytay just because it’s in the province? Well, think again because, as of today, Tagaytay has significantly developed over the years. So much real estate establishments, commercial hubs, and business districts have emerged in several parts of the city. 

Always on-the-go and looking for the perfect Tagaytay home? Tagaytay Highlands’ condominiums are perfect for you! Not only do these come with benefits and other features, but you also get to live close to the market, schools, gasoline stations, shopping malls, and so much more! Not to mention, this community has its own chapel, which makes it easier for homeowners to stay within close proximity without having to travel to far off places!

Less Traffic

As mentioned, living in Manila is as good as a disaster. Too much time spent on traffic is wasted almost every single day. Here in Tagaytay, you can ease up your traffic worries because there is indeed lesser traffic as compared to the metro. And, not to mention, Tagaytay is close to Batangas, which is perfect if you want to go on out of town trips once in a while. After all, Batangas is famous for its beautiful beaches, so it’d be a perfect weekend getaway destination.

Wrapping Up

There is absolutely no doubt about why most family and friend groups consider Tagaytay as a favorite weekend getaway spot. More than its close proximity to Manila, it also has year-round cold weather, which is just perfect for such a humid country like the Philippines. Also, Tagaytay is filled with so much tourist spots and destinations. It’s an ideal place to live in!

Author’s Bio:

Angelo Castelda works as a contributor for a news magazine in Asia. He loves to learn and understand diverse cultures and aims to share through his writing his experiences around the world.





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