Easiest Games To Win At A Casino


Go to any casino and you’ll find plenty of games to play, all with their own set of rules and strategies! Look online and you’ll find a lot of articles detailing some of the easiest games to win real money in a casino, although these articles are good at what they gloss over, we find that they tend to leave out a few bits and pieces that could prove dividends once you step towards your table of choice.

This is an article for beginners and veterans looking for a quick recap, so don’t go thinking that we’re picking favourites. Before we go into some of the easiest casino games out right now at Slotsbaby.com. The first thing that you should know is that succeeding isn’t always guaranteed, some games rest on solid strategies and practice — if you are without one of these ingredients your success rate will vary. Now, without any further adieu, let’s get into it!

One more thing…

Casino games can be somewhat confusing depending on the sort of player you are. We would highly recommend you find one game you’re familiar with and sticking with it. The word ‘easy’ suggests that anyone can just step in and succeed, but isn’t difficulty subjective? Yes, you will find certain table games to be a lot more streamlined than others, but this comes down to what your form is like on the day — we all have off days, don’t let it deter you.

Wide Variety At Your Disposal

First thing you need to know is that there is a lot to play in an online casino real money — try not to be intimidated, you’re here to win and win frequently. To gain a winning mentality you first need to gain an understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. Testing every single one of the casino games you see is a great way of getting a feel for what you’re playing. Whether you win or loss here is irrelevant, if you think that just reading this and going straight into a casino game is easy then you should just stop reading now…

House Edge

If you care at all about the amount of money you are coming away with then you might want to check out the house edge for each casino game you partake in. To those of you unaware of the house edge. The house edge will vary depending on the game you play, it is essentially the amount of money the house will get from every bet you place on a game.

Blackjack is normally the best game to play for the lowest house edge with some versions having only a 1.5% house edge minimum, again this will vary depending on where you go to get your fix of 21! Poker/roulette tends to follow, averaging out at around 2.5% — some poker games can go as high as 5%, if you care about house edge then be sure to read up on all of that stuff before you even think about placing a bet.


One of the easiest casino games out right now, one that you might have seen played on some of your favourite films/tv shows. Otherwise known as 21, the game is simple, outplay the dealer and cause them to ‘bust’ by going over a certain number using the cards in their hand/on the table. The risks are definitely worthy of the rewards in blackjack, all you have to do is know the difference between a hard hand and a soft hand and you’re sorted.

There are plenty of strategies out there for one to implement when playing blackjack, some involve counting cards — the act of counting cards is considered illegal in many casinos, but if you are feeling lucky you are more than welcome to try if you’re not having a good night at the table. Novice players will find blackjack to be the perfect entry-level casino game when compared to the others we’re about to mention.


The casino game that uses a wheel to determine winning outcomes, roulette is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are someone new to the world of gambling. Unlike blackjack, in roulette there are multiple ways you can bet and ultimately win — you have bets that involve betting on the various numbers you see printed on the wheel, odd/even numbers, or the colour of the section a small ivory ball sits in once it slows down and stops.

Betting on either red or black is consider idiot-proof in a lot of scenarios depending on the amount of money you are setting down on the table. Chips are used to bet in roulette, to play all you need to do is have your chips sitting on the bet of your choice on the table before a dealer kicks off the game! Betting on red/black provides you with an easy 50/50 chance of winning, making it relatively easy to make money if you’re keeping consistent.

Slot Machines

If all else fails get yourself to a slot machine! We shouldn’t have to tell you what they are or how they work, but every casino has them sitting somewhere, each with their own distinct layout symbols in some cases. The goal in a slot machine is simple, all you need to do is align three of the same symbol to get a pay out. Every symbol you see here will give you a different number, bells and lucky seven symbols are normally the best on the board!

Slot machines are fantastic at making easy money since all you have to do is pull a lever and watch as the reels spin out in front of you. When we say that anyone can perfect a slot machine we mean it but if you need practice we’d recommend looking online, there’s plenty of slot machines out there that simulate the real deal — some you can actually win real-life money with too!

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