Three Bags by Yves Saint Laurent That Are Perfect For Work This Season


The fall season is well and truly upon us, and that means a shift in fashion from the brighter, lighter tones of spring and summer to more classic blacks, earth colors, and luxurious wine colors for professional clothes. If you are looking to add a new bag to your office wardrobe this season, then you really can’t go wrong with one of the effortlessly chic choices in the current range by Yves Saint Laurent.

Here, we take a look at three beautiful bag styles from YSL that are roomy enough for everything you need for work, as well as elegant and luxurious enough to add that chic, classy, and well-groomed look that will always make a good impression!

The Vicky Backpack

Backpacks are an unconventional choice, often seen as the reserve of college students or kids. However, the Vicky backpack is one of the gorgeous bags from Saint Laurent that will look great for work and is also extremely practical – allowing you to keep your hands free and also reducing the potential for shoulder pain or postural issues that carrying a larger shoulder bag can produce. You can find the Vicky backpack in a variety of styles, including a beautiful black velvet version, in the collection of Saint Laurent bags at luxury retailer SSENSE. SSENSE has all of the current collections by the most sought-after high-end brands, and you’ll find all of the YSL bags discussed in this article available there.

The Nano Sac du Jour

The Sac du Jour, which means simply ‘day bag’ in French, is an iconic and beautiful design that is perfect for work, owing to its expensive, classic look and its roomy, well-organized interior space. This bag is available in different sizes and colors so you can accommodate what you need in your chosen model and also choose from dark, light, bold or neutral colors to compliment your work style.

The Manhattan Crocodile Tote

The Manhattan bag is a classic YSL design that screams French chic, and it is also an excellent choice as a day bag for work in its larger sizes, with it’s structured, flat shape making it suitable for stowing things like your tablet, or paperwork. The crocodile designs available in this style add some glamor while still retaining the understated, professional elegance you want for the office, and you can choose the iconic black version or go for a richer color like deep red. The YSL branding and subtle ornaments on the Manhattan bag add some high-end detail and show off the bag’s designer pedigree in a refined way.

All of these three bags are excellent choices if you are looking for a sophisticated and smart option that is also practical for a day at work. All of these bags have interior pockets for your essentials and offer all of the space you need for working life if you opt for the right size for your needs. Check them out today!


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