Tips For Keeping Public Restrooms Clean


Did you know that one of the first things many customers do when they enter a new establishment is to use the restrooms? There’s a good reason for this and it’s not because they’re desperate for the toilet! In fact, they are assessing the cleanliness of your restrooms and judging your business on the results.

The same is true of public restrooms, the level of cleanliness tells a visitor a lot about the place they are visiting. Alongside their ability to attract and retain tourists, a clean restroom will help to prevent the spread of diseases especially the superbugs that seem to become more common.

Keeping Your Public Restrooms Clean

Check out these tips and make sure your public restrooms are an area you can be proud of.

Choose Your Product Wisely

Not all washroom products are the same, some are much easier to keep clean than others. It’s a good idea to speak to a professional firm about washroom services before you build or refit a public washroom.

Choosing the right appliances will make keeping the clean much easier.

Wipe First

Before you try to clean the surfaces you should remove all the debris. If you’re dealing with excrement you’ll probably want to do this with a cloth and gloves. Gloves may be enough if you’re dealing with waste tissues and other larger pieces of debris.

Disinfect According To The Instructions

After the wipe down you’ll be able to disinfect the surfaces properly. However, you need to select the product that is best suited to the surface you’re cleaning. It’s also important to be aware that different products take a differing amount of tile to kill bacteria. Choose wisely and give them long enough to do their job.

Floors Need Cleaning

People don’t generally sit n the floors but this doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning. In fact, most floors are full of germs. You’ll need to sweep and then mop them with a suitable disinfectant.

Before you do the floors don’t forget that the mirrors need to be cleaned properly, these can be touched by a huge number of people.

Rubbish Disposal

One thing that is very easy to overlook is disposing of your rubbish. Restroom waste can be full of bacteria, you’ll need to dispose of it in a sealed bag and in a properly marked bin. This will help to prevent any germs from spreading through rubbish to rubbish contact.

It may seem unlikely but many germs are spread back to humans in this way.

Hand Washing

One way to help prevent the spread of germs is to encourage people to wash their hands after they’ve used the restroom. To ensure this happens make sure the sink is clean, there is soap available, and paper towels are in good supply. You can also offer a hand dryer.

Once you’ve established a routine and check the restroom on a regular basis you’ll find that it is surprisingly easy to keep the facilities clean, and visitors will thank you for that.

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