Why You Need To Pay Attention To Eye Health At Work


No matter if you own your own business, work remotely, work for a start-up, or work at a large company – being healthy while you’re at work is so important! On average, people work 40 hours a week, but that’s not an excuse to let your health fall to the wayside. Things like taking regular breaks, exercising, and proper ergonomics make you feel the best you can. However, prioritizing your vision can have amazing effects on how you feel throughout the day as well. Read the tips below to find out how!

The problem:

Have you ever felt like you get migraines or headaches while at work? These can actually be a direct result of what you’re looking at while working. Things like fluorescent lighting and computer screens can cause strain on the eyes due to the amount and the type of light they give off. Artificial blue light is a very powerful wavelength that can cause dry eyes, headaches, and even blurry or spotty vision. After looking at a computer or sitting under strong lighting for an extended period of time (like eight hours a day), you may end up feeling burnt out and exhausted simply due to eye strain.

Tips to help:

1. Try wearing blue light glasses to help prevent any symptoms you may feel while working. These types of lenses help filter out the harmful light from reaching your eyes so you won’t feel as much strain or fatigue, which helps you to perform your best.

2. Taking frequent breaks from your computer or the fluorescent lighting may help too. Going into a dimly lit room or covering your eyes with the palms of your hands for a few minutes and allowing them to adjust to the darkness can help give your eyes a break from blue light.

3. Eating foods that promote eye health is another easy way to improve how you feel at work! Foods that are high in lutein and zeaxanthin can actually help your body naturally block against blue light. You can find these nutrients in colorful fruits and dark green vegetables.

4. Using an app that adjusts your screen brightness can help reduce eye strain as well. These apps were created for working people, like you, who look at screens all day long. They adjust the light on your computer screen to mimic the brightness of the room you’re in to help make looking at a screen easier on your eyes.

Your eyes work really hard all day while you’re at work. That’s why it’s normal to feel strain, headaches, and exhaustion throughout the day. The addition of strong lighting and constant use of electronics only adds to the work your eyes have to do. If you are already mindful of your health at work by doing things like taking the proper breaks, eating well, and being active during the day, then consider continuing your wellness journey by paying attention to your health in other ways as well. Being mindful of how your electronics may be affecting your wellbeing and productivity can help you feel better and work your best.

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