Entertainment: A guide to the different types of online slots


Slots play a huge part in any casino. Whether you’re aiming for the jackpot or just having fun spinning for some smaller money, there are so many different types of slots and jackpots to choose from. Each slot machine brings something different to the casino and there are so many reasons for playing slots, whether you’re in a brick-and-mortar casino or online, slots draw in all sorts of gamblers. In brick-and-mortar casinos you’ll find rows upon rows of slots, while online play slots on Paddy Power and you’ll be able to scroll through pages and pages to find a game that suits you. It can be a little overwhelming and difficult to know which slot to go for, so here are the different types of online slots that you can choose from.

3 & 5 reel classics

These online slots are classics and are based upon the original physical slots that you see in brick-and-mortar casinos, arcades or even pubs. Gamble on a spin by entering an amount, then wait to see what the reels reveal. The aim is very simple, but all down to luck, match the symbols across each real either on the top middle or bottom, or one of the other pay lines to win. Based on your stake and the value of the payout line depends on if you win big or small – or perhaps, you have lost altogether. A 3 reel slot has fewer pay lines than a 5 reel slot because of the number of options available.

Progressive slots

If you’re in search of that big jackpot win, then progressive slots are ideal for you. Although these slots take time to payout, the rewards are certainly worth it, it all depends if you can stick it out long enough and if you’re lucky enough to win. Some of these slots can be played on all day with no payout. Again, it’s all down to luck, simply enter in the required amount for how many spins you want, and go for it, watch the jackpot go up into the millions and tempt you in even further. The more people competing for the jackpot the bigger it gets, all it takes is one lucky spin to win! If your spin isn’t the winner, your bet is added to the jackpot.

Mega spin slots

If you’re someone who can multi-task then this is the perfect slot for you. Mega spin slots usually are made up of separate 3 of 5 reel slots, except a player can play anywhere from three to nine games at once. That means that when you spin, you’re spinning on multiple reels at once, increasing your chances of a payout, but it also means that your small bet is divided evenly, so you may not win as much as you had hoped for. There can be up to 45 reels spinning when playing on mega spin slots so you need to have all your eyes peeled to see if you win! Some of these slots even come with progressive jackpot features so you can play for a quick return but also invest in a huge jackpot containing thousands!


As well as these top three types of different online slots, you’ll also find video slots, virtual reality slots, 3D slots amongst others. Although being in a brick-and-mortar casino is great fun, you can be comfortable in your home whilst playing the slots and experience some of the best graphics and features as well!

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