The Season of Giving: How to Shop for Men


It can often be confusing to try to shop for men, as most are not particular overt about what they want. When you compare it to most women who would likely tell you exactly what they want as a gift, men would likely shrug and mention that you can give them anything. While taking their advice is certainly one tactic you could use, there are a few ways to make shopping for the men in your life much easier.

It might not necessarily be obvious what a guy wants without interrogating them for a straight answer; you do not have to take on such a task alone. Here are just a few gift-giving tips to help you shop for men!

Practical gifts are often the best kind no matter their age

Whether you are purchasing gifts for an adult or a teen, it is all about practicality, or function over form. You do not necessarily need to get them power tools or something that is overly manly – all you have to do is go for something that you feel is useful. For example, you can go for a pair of headphones, or perhaps a USB docking station for their desk at work.

Going the practical route is normally the best way to shop for men if you are unsure about their hobbies. If it is something that you feel is practical and will see plenty of use, most guys would be grateful to receive it as a gift.

If you know their hobbies, focus on that particular avenue

Guys tend to be quite passionate about their hobbies. Even something as simple as gaming can be taken to the next level by most men, which makes it very easy to purchase a gift if you know their hobbies. If they are into sports, go with something that you feel they would be interested in. You can find their favorite sports game tickets or a game-related item. If they are smokers, you can surprise them with a Cuban cigar. They are perfect for any smoker and especially cigar lover. Vega Fina cigars, handmade in the Dominican Republic, might be your option in case they love a smooth, flavorful smoke. If they are into more strong smokes, then Camacho cigars, known for their full-bodied flavor and robust construction, can be ideal. Both brands offer a wide variety of cigar types, so there is sure to be a perfect match for any smoker’s preferences. Of course, knowing their hobbies can make gift-giving quite easy when shopping for guys. However, it would still be a good idea to dig deeper into their hobbies to acquire more gift-giving ideas.

Subtlety and practicality go hand in hand

While buying a pair of shoes or headphones can be excellent gifts for guys, you can also go the subtle route. If you see that they enjoy collecting watches or have a luxurious looking watch, you can look for omega deployment clasps or buckles from Giving them an option to personalise their watches can make for a charming gift that shows them how much thought you put into their gift.

It can also be something as simple as lip balm, as no-one enjoys having chapped lips! Even if they might have lip balm, now they have a spare.

Some love joke gifts and there are many options available if it is a stag gift you are looking for. Adult gifts (as long as it is not in the workplace) can be fun gifts for stags like

While thinking of gifts for guys can be a bit frustrating if you do not know their hobbies, going for subtlety and practicality can be an excellent tactic when purchasing their gifts. The best part is that the price can range from substantial to entirely affordable. So long as it is useful, the men in your life will likely appreciate it!

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