Best 12 apps and plugins for writers in 2019


Writing is not an easy task. To become an excellent writer, you need a lot of practice and persistence. Whether it’s WordPress blog post, a news article or a novel, a writer spends many hours converting his ideas and inspiration into words.

Nowadays, many apps and plugins are specifically designed for writers and bloggers. These apps and plugins can play a significant role in helping you become a better writer.

Here is the list of 12 best apps and plugins for writers in 2019:

1.      Grammarly

As a writer, this app is a must for you! It’s a free writing app that can help you proofread your articles and social media posts and makes sure that your grammar is always up to the task. Grammarly integrates with your web browser and thus, you can use it anywhere you write on the web. So, if you are writing an email, social media posts, etc. Grammarly will scan your document automatically making sure it is free from all mistakes.

2.      Scrivener

Scrivener is one of the popular apps for writers. This book-writing software is used by many authors, students, freelance copywriters, journalists, and translators to write novels, feature articles for a newspaper, reports, long-form content and many more. Scrivener is more organized than regular word processors such as Microsoft word and helps writers to manage complicated writing projects.

3.      IA Writer

If you are someone who gets distracted easily while writing, this app is for you! It is a distraction-free app perfect for writing small blog posts and articles. It has a feature known as ‘Focus mode’ that helps to create a distraction-free environment and thus, increases your focus on your work.

4.      Google Doc

This app helps you to write, edit, and archive your documents, and then saves it automatically to Google Drive. It automatically backs up everything you type such as writing notes, images, files and more to the Cloud. Google Doc also offers standout features such as the ability to share files with others and give them permission to view, edit, and comment on it.

5.      Day One

If you’re a huge fan of journaling, you must try this app. It is a personal journaling app where you can write about everything from your everyday thoughts and moments to once-in-a-lifetime events. Day One app makes journaling simple and enjoyable by providing various special features and modern journaling experience.

6.      Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to record ideas for your blog posts, novels, and other documents. It has a feature called ‘Dictation mode’ through which you can easily transcribe your voice notes as text. You can even organize the research you’ve gathered in different notebooks. Apart from this, you can read your saved articles, and also share them with others.

7.      Ginger software

An alternative to Grammarly, this proofreading software offers many tools such as grammar check, punctuation, and a spell checker that can help you write documents clear and mistake-free. It can also provide you with your school and college essay help. It automatically scans your document written by Edubirdie, detects misused words and grammar mistakes, and corrects them. Ginger software also enables you to translate the documents written on French, Portuguese, Spanish, and many more into English.

8.      Pro-writing Aid

It is an online proofreading and editing tool that helps to write grammatically correct documents by automatically detecting and checking for overused words, grammar mistakes, spellings, transitions, abstract words and many more. It also offers integration feature which means you can edit your blog posts and social media posts wherever you write them.

9.      Canva

As a writer, writing and proofreading your writing document is not enough; you have to create some beautiful images for your blog post as well. Canva is an amazing app that can help you with this. You can create cover photos for your blog posts, infographics and captivating images for promoting your blog on social media. Canva is also an affordable alternative to Photoshop and can help you create beautiful high-quality images.

10.  Hemingway Editor

Want to improve your writing and self-editing skills? Hemingway Editor app is the right choice for you! This online self-editing app scans your document, highlights grammatical errors and suggests ways to improve them. All you need to do is copy and paste your content into Hemingway Editor, and it will detect all the areas of concern in different categories such as complex words and phrases, use of adverb and passive sentences, etc.

11.  WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for writers. Since 2008, it is the favorite tool of many writers and bloggers that helps you with the search engine optimization. Whether you’re running a personal blog or a professional business website, Yoast SEO can make your site as search-engine friendly as possible. It offers many features such as manage titles and Meta description, control the readability of the article, set targeted keywords and track their usage, and many more. However, it can only be installed on self-hosted WordPress site and not on free

12.  Google Analytics by Yoast

This plugin was not designed specifically for writers, but it can help you decide what type of content you should write and post on your WordPress site. With this      plugin, you can track various website statistics such as demographics, search results, downloads, and many more. Google Analytics can also show you the type of content that is performing best, so that, you can create more of such content. It also helps in tracking the time at which the content performs best and thus you can publish more content around that time of the day.

Thus, these apps and plugins can help you become a better writer in no time. You can become more organized and productive and also improve your writing style and writing process effectively.


About the Author: 

Alyssa Johnson is a writer and blogger by profession. She is passionate about helping others to become a better writer by improving their skills and knowledge. Apart from this, she also loves traveling, cooking, learning new things and spending time with her family.


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