10 Marketing Lessons from Apple


10 Marketing Lessons from Apple

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes Apple so incredibly successful at marketing? First of all, Apple has mastered the art of simplicity. Apple marketing campaigns let the products speak for themselves, without allowing any unnecessary information or flashy noise to take the focus away from the product.

Apple’s marketing team also knows that to become the industry leader, you need to create experiences, not just products. Anyone can make a product, but only the select few can create memorable and enticing experiences for the customer that will keep them coming back for more.

This is why successful marketing campaigns need to tell stories that invoke emotion and add sensory dimensions to the overall delivery. This creates an immersive and complex experience for the customer, instead of making them feel like they’re just shopping for a product.

In addition, Apple has also found a brilliant way to connect with customers by using their language. You too can do this if you study the way your customers interact with social media and use their communication style to convey their favourite aspects of your product or service.

Check out the infographic below by The Website Group to find out what other marketing lessons you can learn from Apple.

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