How to be creative? The Main Problem Is to Start


Have you ever experienced a creative block? Have you ever felt stuck looking for an original solution for work problem? Do you wish to be more creative? If so, you’re not alone. These are common issues that we all deal with on a daily basis. Fortunately, creativity isn’t a special gift that only rare people have. It’s a skill that can be developed and enhanced. You all have this ability; you just need to learn how to unlock it. Keep on reading to learn how to become more creative, and more importantly how to start your journey.

What does creativity mean to you? For starters, it’s crucial to find your definition of creativity. Would you like to invent new solutions to common work problems? Would you like to create different stories that will inspire others? Would you like to leave a legacy to this world? Once you figure out the purpose and the form of your creativity, you’ll get necessary motivation and focus to express your creative being.

Silence your inner critic

We are usually our own worst enemy. Our fears, self-doubts, and other negative feelings are the factors that inhibit our creative thoughts. Therefore, make sure you silence your inner critic because even with the worst idea at least you’ll learn something and be better next time. Our inner censor is often loud when we’re writing, so according to essay writing help ask your inner critic politely to leave you while you’re doing your job and say you’ll be back soon.

Embrace the change

Creativity implies the introduction of novelties which brings many changes in your life. So, don’t be afraid to embrace the change because it’s the only way to grow. Let go all old beliefs and habits that stifle your creative spark. Yes, it won’t be easy, but it will pave the way to different ideas and thoughts. Therefore, seek new opportunities that will shake you up and keep your creativity alive.

Accept the criticism

Aristotle said that criticism is something we can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. Criticism is an integral part of every artist or successful entrepreneur’s work. People will always judge you, it’s inevitable. So, don’t let your fear of criticism prevents you from creating and expressing your true self. Accept that everybody is entitled to their opinion, but that you have the power to decide how you’ll react to it.

Start with familiar

The hardest thing in every creative process is to start. The initial phase is usually intimidating, scary, full of expectations: a blank paper and the clock that is ticking, reminding you to begin creating something new. This is a common problem that every writer faces. That’s why advises starting with something familiar, for instance, write the main content first and add introduction later. While you’re writing, you’ll get new ideas and in that way avoid all the stress and frustration.

Welcome bad ideas

Unfortunately, not all your ideas will be great. Some will be lousy, some will be mediocre, and some will be extraordinary. This doesn’t mean those bad ideas are just a waste of time and your grey cells. Usually, they give you a clue or a lead to better solutions, so they are actually precious learning material. Do you think that all Picasso’s artworks are masterpieces? Of course not! So, don’t be so hard on yourself and welcome bad ideas.

Experiences are essential

Get out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences that will make you push your limits and learn something new. In other words, take part in a challenging project, visit another country or spend some time in nature. That way, you’ll expand your horizons and gain significant creative insights. Common writing practice is to incorporate personal adventures into artwork, emphasize the experts from EssayWritingLab. It enhances inspiration and propels creative endeavors.

Nourish your mind properly It is well known that if you want to be healthy and have a strong body, you need to eat nutritious food. The same goes for your mind. Provide high-quality nutrients for your brain to fuel your creative juices. Hence, stop listening to horrible news on TV, reading poor articles on the Internet, and spending time with depressive people. Instead, read quality books and hang out with people that will inspire you.

Recharge your batteries

Do you charge your smartphone from time to time? Do you delete some apps you don’t use anymore when the operating system doesn’t work properly and slows down everyday operations? Sure you do. And do you do the same with your mind? You should. Take your time you rest, meditate or do whatever makes you relaxed and calm. Dedicate some time to rituals that will help you recharge your batteries and prepare your mind for creative endeavors.

Take Action!

To summarize, taking immediate action is crucial. Reading this article and not doing nothing won’t get your creative juice flowing. Think of a small step that you can take right now to encourage your creativity. No matter how insignificant this step may seem, it will bring you closer to your creative being. Start painting. Take a walk. Play a board game with your children. Listen to your favorite music. Travel. Start journaling. Enroll a course to learn a new skill. Do whatever that will light up your creative spark. Just do it right now!

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