4 Basic SEO Principles That All Entepreneurs Should Keep in Mind


4 Basic SEO Principles That All Entepreneurs Should Keep in Mind

There’s just no getting around the fact that, in this day and age, SEO needs to be one of the fundamental considerations of just about all businesses.

Whether your business operates wholly in the physical world, or especially if it’s entirely web-based, you will need to do what you can to improve the SEO score of your website, in order to ensure that would-be clients can find you, and that your business stays relevant in the fast-paced, always-connected, and significantly-impatient world we all live in today.

If you’re an entrepreneur or the owner of a new startup, there are various things you should keep in mind when it comes to SEO best-practice.

The world of SEO is pretty big, and there’s a lot to be said about the subject. For now, though, here are some basic SEO principles to keep in mind.

Content is king, focus on quality content first and foremost

People often think about SEO in terms of complex tricks and procedures that will magically skyrocket a website up Google’s rankings (for what it’s worth, Google is, for all intents and purposes, the only SEO on the block these days).

While there certainly are various “tricks of the trade” when it comes to SEO, however, it’s important to realise one fundamental reality — content is king.

That phrase has been used often by experts in the field. What it essentially means is that, while keyword choice and placement are important, for example, it’s the quality of your content that you should really be focusing on. Google pays attention to such things as the relevance and quality of your content, and rewards websites that are regularly updates with quality content, above websites that aren’t.

If you try to trick Google by publishing tons of barely-literate, keyword-laden, fluff content, you’re not going to be doing yourself any favours. Quite the opposite, in fact. Content is king — so focus on producing regular content, to a high standard, and you’ll be on the right track as far as SEO is concerned.

If you get too carried away trying to “game the system”, you will get yourself into trouble

“Black hat” and “white hat” are terms that have been used in the SEO community for a long time, to refer to practices which are shady and exploitative, and practices which are above board, respectively.

People sometimes get obsesses with the idea of “gaming the system” and coming up with the perfect “tricks” to “fool” Google into ranking a website well.

The simple fact is that if you get too carried away with trying to game the system, and stray into black hat territory, you are going to get yourself into real trouble. Google is very attentive and watchful when it comes to manipulative SEO practices, and websites that are deemed “untrustworthy” may well be un-ranked by Google, essentially making them drop clean off the face of the internet.

SEO can be a time-intensive process and it may well be worth your time trying to outsource some of the work to professional SEO companies

Effective SEO, especially for a company operating in a competitive field, can be a time-consuming thing. It’s not necessarily the kind of process that you can expect to make real headway on, by yourself, via dedicating an evening each week to lacing your content with the right keywords.

Rather, to make serious inroads with your SEO, you will likely need to dedicate a significant amount of your time and resources to boosting your SEO — in a broad, if not in a precise sense.

Keeping this in mind, it may well be worth your time trying to outsource some of the work of SEO to professional SEO companies such as https://parxavenue.ca/seo-calgary/, rather than relying solely on your own efforts.

SEO rules don’t remain static, Google’s algorithms and standards shift over time

It can be tempting to think of SEO as a particular exercise, or set of practices, that remains basically static over time. Of course, this isn’t the case.

As Google changes over time, so too do the best SEO practices. Sometimes, the change is so dramatic, that you’ll be de-listed from Google for something that was effective SEO in the recent past. For example — it was once common practice for people to spam their pages with endless repetitions of a keyword, to boost rankings. This was once effective. Now it’s a black-hat technique that will get you in trouble.

Keep up to date with the latest news from Google, and from the SEO community.

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