Decluttering ideas for your home office


Decluttering ideas for your home office

As the saying goes, ‘a tidy space means a tidy mind’, however many of us still work in cluttered and untidy environments despite this sound advice. Many studies support the notion that people who work in a cluttered, disorganised environment are far more likely to be less productive, more stressed and generally less able to carry out their daily tasks. This is even more of a challenge for anyone who works from home, as often the boundaries between work and living space can get blurred.

Decluttering your home office allows for an easier flow of ideas and energy which will make working from home far more productive.

Read our six easy yet practical ways to declutter your home office and improve your work productivity.

1. Start from scratch

Start by reviewing your working space at home; do you need all of those post-it notes, or the vast collection of pens, pads, and glasses? If you have a designated office space at home, start by clearing everything away from your desk except your monitor or laptop. If you sit at a table, clear the table completely, leaving just your laptop. Now review all of the clutter you have removed, what essential items do you need next to you to do your job? Choose just three items that you regard as essential. If you can’t honestly call any object essential, leave them tidied away. 

2. Invest in desk storage

There are some loose items that you simply won’t be able to live without, so invest in desk storage such as pen holders, document holders, and paper trays to keep any bits of potential clutter, like pens and paper, neat and easy to access. These portable storage pieces can be tidied away themselves at the end of the working day, ensuring your home doesn’t become cluttered with work items. If you have enough space, a small filing cabinet is another great way to store away your important papers and files. 

3. Get a bin

This is a simple yet highly effective way to ensure your working space doesn’t become cluttered with actual rubbish. Make sure at the very least your home office has a paper bin for those old to-do lists and note papers. Immediately throw away any rubbish generated to prevent cluttering up your space. 

4. Pin your important papers

Invest in a pinboard or magnetic board for holding important documents you need access to, to keep loose paperwork organised yet tidy. It’s a handy way to remind yourself of important admin, plus they don’t take up any floor or desk space. 

5. Tidy cables away

Modern lives are often run by a variety of different technologies that all need recharging. Keep cables and chargers tidy by investing in cable ties or a cable tidy unit for your table or desk. There are also a lot of DIY options for tidying away cables. This tip can also be extended into the rest of your home, as cables can make any room feel untidy and cluttered. 

6. Minimise food clutter

Although this may seem like a tall order, keep glasses and mugs to a minimum at your workspace. Have a one-in-one-out rule where you only allow one cup or mug on the desk at a time. Avoid eating at your desk, not only to avoid the added clutter of plates, bowls and cutlery, but also to create a division between working and relaxing, and to ensure that you give yourself well-deserved breaks and moments to clear your head.


No matter how untidy the rest of your home is, it’s vital to keep your home office neat and tidy. These simple yet effective tips for decluttering your home office will help you to stay productive, focused and organised.

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  1. That food clutter drives me mad Chantal. Split second I am done with food or plates or whatever I remove it from the working area. Into the trash and/or sink because having food around makes the room feel dirty. Plus with all the time I spend in the tropics you quickly learn that leaving food around for even a few minutes in some remote spots invites unwanted little visitors LOL….Critter City.

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