5 Self-Improvement Goals That Can Improve Your Personal Development At Work


5 Self-Improvement Goals That Can Improve Your Personal Development At Work

Many of us are always looking to improve various aspects of our lives a positive way. From having a better work-life balance to improving our health and well being, having those clearly defined goals is a good way to better yourself. However the rewards from having goals can only come through making an effort to achieve them despite it being a daunting prospect or a big challenge. In this post we’ll take a look at 5 self improvement goals that are not only beneficial in your private life, they could help to improve your personal development at work too.

1. Better Time Management

A good skill to have with regards to self improvement is being able to manage your time well. Good time management is an essential building block when it comes to getting the most out of your day and improving your lifestyle. It does not have to be a strict schedule but setting aside time for the things you need to do and those you love is essential to getting things done and still having time to enjoy yourself. Better time management will come in handy in working day by helping you to achieve your goals.

2. An Ability to Build Relationships

Having the ability to easily build relationships with others is a great skill particularly if you work in a sales-oriented job, which most people do. A good way to do this is by recognising that everyone is different and use that as an opportunity to learn something from them. Understanding other people’s ideas, feelings and thoughts goes a long way in building lasting relations whether on a personal level or in your career.

3. Increasing your Knowledge of things you’re Passionate About

With good time management nailed down you may find that you have more of it to explore the things you enjoy and are passionate about. For example if you love music you could incorporate it into your daily commute, exercise routine, or work by using headphones or sharing your favourite songs with friends through a portable pa system. From learning to code or build websites, obtaining a supply chain management degree, to reading, writing, or gardening,- your favourite hobby is a good way to broaden your knowledge and enhance your life.

4. Improve your Listening Skills

Another great skill to have on the journey to self-improvement is being a good listener. Improving your listening skills enhance your ability to enrich your personal relationships as well as work well with colleagues within a team at work. While making our own contributions and thoughts heard is important, listening to others is also an important attribute in becoming a better friend, or colleague.

5. Looking after your Health and Fitness

As a goal for self-improvement, looking after your health and fitness is another personal development achievement that can have benefits at work. While gaining better fitness improves your health and well being in your personal life, feeling good in yourself will also help massively at work. It may be that you’re able to take on more work and thereby boost your earning potential or simply being not as tired after work and therefore having more quality time for yourself. Either way looking after your body is not only good for your health it may have benefits for your career too.

Continuous self improvement is a noble goal that not only makes us feel better and have more confidence in ourselves and our private relationships; – it often leads to personal development at work too. And while there are many more goals to target, the above five are as good as any to start with.

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