Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Colleagues


Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Colleagues

With only a few days left before Christmas you may be scrambling to find gifts for your colleagues at work. Could be a gift of thanks or for a gift exchange but whatever the reason, here are some suggestions of gift ideas that meet every budget range.

Desk Accessories

This suggestion comes from’s newest post, 5 last minute gift ideas for your colleagues or boss. I love the gift idea of desk accessories!  I love being organized and having nice office supplies. You can even find a lot of big-name designers that have also jumped on this bandwagon and have created lines of cute office supplies for those with fancier tastes.

Adult Coloring Book

 Coloring books have recently gained notoriety as an anxiety-reducing tool for adults. Some people even use coloring books as a form of focused meditation and time for reflection. Outside of the newfound benefits of a coloring as an adult, they’re a fun gift to give—and one that won’t break the bank. Bonus points on thoughtfulness if you also give a set of colored pencils with the book.

Jar of Snack and Treats

We have a snack corner at work that all employees contribute to and it filling a jar with a colleague’s favorite candy bars, treats or even tea can make a thoughtful gift. It is easy to decorate the jar with ribbons to make it look festive too.

Baked goods are good as office gifts

If you are not sure what gifts to give your coworkers, home baked goods would be a great idea. Cookies and cakes are ideal for the office and they can be shared around among the members. If you are a good cook, baked goods make fora cheap option for a gift. Ask your kids to help you bake and store the cake or cookies safely for your workmates. If you don’t know how to bake, then you can buy freshly baked goods at your nearest supermarket or pastry shop. Sweets are also great gift ideas for the office. You can buy them in bulk and share them with your coworkers. Before sharing any of these food items, ask your coworkers to find out if they have any allergies or food restrictions.

Avoid personal items for gifts

Personal items are not great for office giftsYou can give them to partner at home but not to your coworkers in the workplace. They include lotions, lingerie, jewelry and anything that comes into contact with the body. Such items are inappropriate and invasive. They are also unprofessional and they may end up creating a lot of tension at the office. Items such as lingerie are sexual in nature (which may seem obvious to most people yet it is worth mentioning) and the receiver may see it as sexual harassment. Perfumes also fall into this category and they should be avoided when it comes to giving gifts at the office.

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