5 Interesting Ways of Making Money


When looking for a job, most people typically seek jobs from 9 am to 5 pm. While many people prefer this regular kind of job, they are not for everyone. Some people find that unusual jobs are more their style. Here are five of interesting ways in which to make money that you may not have considered and even knew existed. Some of these interesting job choices may even be great for part time work or students looking to make extra money while in college.

Chicken Sexers

These people are employed to determine the sex of a chick. However, they do not utilize any scientific tools but rely strictly on their intuition. If you think this may be a job you would prefer, seek commercial hatcheries that generally employ these people.

Face Feelers

Another unusual way to earn money, this job may also be advertised as a sensory scientist. The purpose of this job is for feelers to evaluate the effectiveness of certain products strictly by using their hands.

Online Gaming Participant

Many people today enjoy gambling whether at an online casino site or a bingo site. These sites also provide the chance for players to make money as well. To further add to one’s winnings are promotions. These can be used to lure new players or simply reward returning players.

Dog Surfing Instructors

Not only is this a unique job it also can provide you with a beautiful place to live near the ocean. Many ocean resorts hire people to instruct dogs and their owners how to surf. Some classes may also be strictly for dogs.

Fortune Cookie Writer

If you’ve ever pondered how those cryptic little fortunes get written for fortune cookies, there is actually someone hired to do this. Employed by the fortune cookie manufacturer, fortune cookie writers come up with a variety of fortunes.

Before settling down with a traditional job, consider one of these more interesting ways in which to make money. There are actually more available than one might think. It may take a little searching at first but could provide an interesting and satisfying career alternative.

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