Mastering These Skills Could Get You Hired In A Jiffy


Recently, Linkedin along with the World Economic Forum put together a list of the jobs that they thought would be most in-demand in 2017. Having these skills, they argued could be the difference between getting a job or not. Whether you are currently employed and looking to build on your existing career, or hunting for a new job, having the following skills in your repertoire will help to increase your pay and land you the position that you want.

Storage And Management

Right now, the world of big data is expanding. Many analysts, including those at Forbes Magazine, predict that the amount of data in existence will double every year from now until 2020.

This means that companies are looking for people who are knowledgeable about computer data storage and accessibility, and who are also able to manage the entire system for their enterprise. It’s more than just being able to use the cloud or a shared drive: it means that companies want people who are able to securely organize and store valuable information about their customers. Individuals who are able to provide companies with the capacity to organize all of their cloud files, and data will be in high demand in 2017.

Data Presentation Skills

Storing data is important. But being able to make use of those data is an even more important skill for many businesses. There’s no point having a huge cache of big data without having employees with the skill to provide valuable insights into it. People who have the ability to take a large dataset and quickly tease out important information will be in high demand this year. If you have an ability to analyze data by using statistical methods, then you will be an invaluable addition to any company.


The world of accounting is constantly changing. One minute, accountants had to do everything by hand; they next they had to master the new software tools that augmented their work. The good news is that learning about accountancy methods, using CPA study materials is easy, thanks to the fact that there are now so many online and offline options. This year, the most successful accountants will be those who are able to leverage the latest accounting technology and software. Having accounting knowledge is useful because every industry relies on accounting as a part of their business.

Web Architecture Development

According to LinkedIn, web architecture development is among the top five skills in demand this year. Web architects are people who have the ability to create stunning and functional websites that delight customers. Not surprisingly, given the growing importance of the web in marketing, businesses are looking for people with these skills to make their websites more beautiful and user-friendly.

Interface Designers

The amount of business that an online e-commerce retailer can do is intimately related to the quality of their user interface. As a result, companies are looking for people who are able to design intuitive interfaces that people can understand immediately.  According to LinkedIn, this skill has been steadily rising in the ranks for the past two years as more and more companies realize that customer experience is what is driving their business.

If you are looking for new opportunities in 2017 consider the skills mentioned above. Staying flexible and willing to learn new things is key to career development and advancing in an increasingly competitive world.

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