The Best Stressbuster Might Be A Career Change In 2017


It’s a New Year and now is a great time to re-evaluate your priorities, lifestyle and work towards a healthier and better you. In case you don’t know it already, stress can cause catastrophic damage to our minds and bodies. Stress can come from a wide variety of places.

Stress on its own is not technically an illness, but if it isn’t managed, it can lead to heart problems and some seriously scary diseases and issues.

We can all try and manage stress, but sometimes outside factors affect our stress levels beyond our control. A lot of stress stems from personal and financial issues, so it’s important to learn coping mechanisms that can help you let some steam off when it’s all building up inside of you.

Workplace stress is also a major problem. Not just for employees, but for employers as well.  It’s a vicious circle that can leave you feeling trapped, and if your job is affecting your life and it is leaving you unsatisfied, it might be time to look towards new, and brighter horizons.

Life is far too short to stay stuck in a job you don’t like. And it is far too short to stay stuck in a job that is damaging your health. If you’re driven, your next opportunity could be right around the corner.

Perhaps this is the year that you should consider is becoming your own boss. If you’ve got a great business idea and the drive to take it forward, there’s plenty of help available. It’s the era of the startup right now, and you can get in on the action. Just make sure you stand out from the crowd.

If being your own boss isn’t your thing, you can become a freelancer! If you’re good at design or a crafter of words – the commercial industries have a lot to offer you as a designer or a copywriter. These work from home opportunities could be just the thing you need between jobs, or to forge your own path as a freelancer for good. Of course, you’ve got to meet the deadlines of others and be highly organized if you work from home.

If the open road is your thing, there are plenty of opportunities available for drivers. Not only could you be ferrying people around for Uber or Lyft (a nice money-maker in the big cities), but there is an abundance of opportunities in deliveries. There is plenty you will need to know before becoming a commercial driver so visit to learn what is needed and hone your skills.

If you’re looking towards the long-term, it might be worth trying to find the opportunity to study. If you don’t have a degree, or are looking to build upon a previously earned degree, part-time study could open up your future options. It’s worth it if you’re unsatisfied with your working life so far. Self-improvement and learning new skills is always a benefit. Plus there are many online courses, sites, and MOOCs that offer low-cost and free courses.

The key to all of this is finding your right balance and what makes you feel satisfied. If you’re not happy, why? You’ve got to move out of that unhappy zone and find something that is challenging and fulfilling.  That goes for everything and not just work. It is definitely not realistic to expect to be happy all of the time, but look at creating a life with less stress and balance. Strive to find the right opportunities for you. 2017 is full of opportunities to take charge and move forward!

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  1. I did a research paper on psychosomatic illnesses once. WOW! I learned how damaging stress is to our physical bodies and I didn’t even consider the emotional or long term lifestyle effects. Identifying what’s not working for you is so important – and the next thing is finding a solution.

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      Thanks for your comment Jane! So true!

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