Easy Ways To Stay Fit And Active At Work


Easy Ways To Stay Fit And Active At Work

It’s easy to keep up your fitness regime during the holiday’s thanks to morning runs, evening swims and family bike rides. Your free time is increased by around 70%; it’s fun, relaxed and you’re not worried about getting enough sleep before heading to work. However, when January rolls around and it’s time to go back to work is there a way to keep fit short of pulling out your Yoga mat in front of the entire office?

Walk This Way

This starts the moment you leave the house in the morning whether you drive, take the train, bus or better still walk, but obviously that’s not always possible. Get off the bus a few stops earlier or park as far away as you can from the office and walk the rest of the way. When you’ve arrived at your desk try to move around the room as much as possible. Why not visit a colleague in a different department instead of calling them? Make your own morning coffee instead of having an intern do it or visit the bathroom even if just to freshen up. Instead of letting the receptionist escort them up, if feasible, walk downstairs to meet clients. Not only does it make an excellent impression but your muscles reap the benefits too.

Take An Energetic Lunchtime Class

Forget online shopping, checking your email or just staring out the window and get active! Many firms now have onsite gyms and fitness facilitates, or if you’re in a corporate block or building there’s bound to be a fitness center close by. Why not grab a few of your workmates and head over to try out a new kickboxing, Zumba or Pilates class? Or go ahead and find out more a about six-week lunchtime dance classes and fitness courses. Not only will you feel a multitude of health benefits, including lots more energy, improved concentration, and muscle tone but the afternoon will fly by as you’ll have a lovely rush of body boosting adrenaline afterwards.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Lots of us like to snack on sweets, chocolate, and cookies at work as they help give us a boost of much-needed energy but it comes at a cost. Sugar will give you a short-term energy high, but it quickly turns into a mid-afternoon slump while you stare sleepily at the clock. Set yourself up for the day with a proper sit-down breakfast of sweet porridge, bananas, and juice and pack some low-calorie flapjacks or handfuls of nuts that’ll release their energy slowly seeing you all the way through until lunch. Remember, keep drinking plenty of water as offices get hot and stuffy very quickly and good hydration will help increase productivity levels.

Discover Desk Workouts

It is possible to workout while sitting so try some desk push ups or some calisthenic or isometric exercises. This mini abs workout is quick, easy and quite fun to do while typing simply squeeze your core muscles for one minute and then release while you take notes, write up a report or read over some sales figures, seeing how many reps you can do over the course of the day.

Staying in shape at work doesn’t have to be hard or complicated!

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