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The job market has improved a lot over the last couple of years or so. According to recent government statistics, the rate of unemployment is roughly back to where it was before the crisis – around 5 percent. Thus, there’s reason for workers to be hopeful that things will soon improve.

However, the job market, as ever, remains super competitive. There’s still a lot more people chasing jobs than there are jobs to fill. And this means that some savvy job seekers are getting smarter with the way they’re approaching their search. Job seekers are now being more innovative and using different mediums in interesting ways (such as social media), trying to get the attention of hiring managers. So what are they doing from the average job seeker?

Get A Referral

If you’ve ever been internet shopping, you will no doubt have skimmed a few reviews on the product you’re buying. If the reviews are good, you’ll probably get it. If not, you’ll skip it.

The same goes for the job market. You’re more likely to find vacancy positions in your chosen field if you can get somebody to refer you to the hiring manager. According to Raj Aggarwal, the founder of Localytics, referrals are the best way to secure a job at a new firm. Companies want to know that you can actually produce the goods. And they’ll take the recommendation of a current employee over your word.

Generate An Online Portfolio

It used to be the case that employers were blind to the abilities of a candidate. All they had to go on was the interview experience. And that is often an unreliable measure at best. Often, companies took on people who sounded great during an interview but weren’t fit for the job. Or they rejected great talent, just because the candidate’s interview technique was poor.

There is, however, a way around this inefficient process that works for both employees and businesses. It’s called the online portfolio.

Online portfolios are a great way to show off what you can actually do instead of just describing it at interview.

Besides a portfolio, you can also upgrade skills or even go for that MBA. There are even options to do this online now while you work. A California online MBA is perfect for those people who don’t have enough time to attend a traditional university as you can study at your preferred schedule and place.

Suggest A Direction For The Company

If you want to get noticed by startups, one of the best things you can do is offer them advice. This might sound a little daunting. But founders are often looking out for new ideas that can help their companies thrive. If you can offer advice to them, that’ll certainly help you to stand out.

If you can’t think of a business plan, simple feedback will often suffice. Companies value any information they can get on the quality of their product because it helps them improve on it for the future.

Bring New Ideas

Alexandra Cavoulacos helps people find the right jobs for them. She recalls how once a candidate came to her with a printed and bound presentation, full of ideas for her company. What stood out was the level of initiative that the candidate showed. They weren’t just there to find work. They actively wanted to help the careers business thrive. What’s more, the ideas were excellent. Many were then later implemented by the company.

In conclusion, look for ways to stand out that highlight your skills and abilities and how you can take these and help the company where you would like to work. If you can help solve a problem and show potential employers how then you are ahead of the competition.

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