Why Your Growing Business Needs Better Phone Systems (What to Choose and Why)


Why Your Growing Business Needs Better Phone Systems (What to Choose and Why

Whether you’re a business leader looking for an improved phone system that’ll keep your company on the cutting edge, a human resources professional dealing with numerous complaints from employees about the company’s current outdated phone system or just someone interested in the latest technologies for business telecommunications, keep reading.

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Your Current Systems May Be Too Confining

If you’re still using a traditional landline-based phone system at your business, it’s probably far too limiting for the way you operate, or even the ways you intend to do business in the future. Landlines confine all communications within the walls of your establishment.

However, cloud-based technologies are far more mobile. They usually work seamlessly whether people use them over computers, smartphones or tablets. You might also use virtual systems to route calls to convenient locations, including employees’ homes.

You Don’t Have to Go Without Your Favorite Features

Many business professionals are resistant to changing their telecommunications systems because they believe there’ll be too great of a learning curve to adapt to the new setup. Plus, they’re afraid they won’t be able to continue taking advantage of well-used features.

Fortunately, you’ll find that all or most of the features your business uses every day on a landline-based system are offered with internet-based options too, such as:

  • The ability to send faxes
  • Office contacts synchronization
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference call capabilities

If you’re still worried you’ll have to go without features you’ve become accustomed to, speak to a representative from your cloud-based phone company of choice. They’ll be able to let you know about available options and make suggestions based on your typical usage.

You’ll Likely Save Money and Enjoy a Smart Investment

Regardless of the type of business you have, a growth period is an ideal reason to think about whether you’re spending money effectively, so as to encourage perpetual prosperity. Although you can’t know for sure what the future holds, it’s smart to be continually mindful of how you invest in the business.

Cloud-based phone system providers often have handy online calculators that determine the potential return on investment based on the type of technology you get and the chosen features. These calculators eliminate haphazard guesswork and give useful data to present a clear picture of how much money you could be saving. Frequently, cloud-based systems end up being much more cost-effective than landlines for the growing businesses that use them, especially over a long-term basis.

People often have the misconception that high-tech business phones are expensive. However, in most cases, you can get systems to fit your needs now, and are easy to scale up as the business continues to grow. Some services are available without contracts, and you can pay per-user fees for them.

Also, consider how well-functioning business phones help your company project a professional image and might even allow you to reduce staffing needs because the new phone setup helps employees work more efficiently. Even if you pay a higher-than-expected upfront cost, your investment is very likely to pay off over time.

You’ll Enjoy Smoother Connections With Customers

Excellent customer service is a foundational element of most successful businesses. However, trouble-free communications are often necessary for it to become a reality. After all, you could spend dozens of hours coming up with preferred responses to common customer service queries and figuring out the swiftest ways to assist customers by phone. But if you deal with an annoying number of dropped calls, all those efforts may fall by the wayside once customers become frustrated that they can’t get in touch without problems.

Unfortunately, dropped calls are all too common during landline communications, and they often happen due to things your company can’t control. Construction in the area, bad weather and power outages are just a few of the many things that could make it difficult or impossible for customers to reach you during opening hours.

Cloud-based business phone services are different because their transmissions are constantly monitored. In the event of problems, calls get rerouted to avoid dropped calls and other issues that may make it harder for customers to reach out to the business. It may also be possible to program the phone system so it plays recorded messages that tell customers what to expect when they’re waiting for one of your representatives to get on the line and assist them.

It’s Easier to Cater to Telecommuters

Another thing that may have made you realize it’s time to upgrade your business phone systems is the realization that telecommuting is a harder option to offer if you only have landlines. On the other hand, if you rely on VoIP systems and similar technologies that allow workers to make and receive calls over the internet, remote employees can transfer calls, put customers on hold and connect to different extensions, all by working wherever is convenient for them. VoIP systems also allow workers to make calls from anywhere, but receive them at your physical business location.

Alternatively, you may want to choose virtual phone systems that route calls from your business lines to remote workers in their homes. This kind of setup works well if you want to offer telecommuting as an option for workers who can’t easily get into the office due to inclement weather.

Is It Time for You to Upgrade?

By now, it should be clear there are numerous reasons to strongly consider upgrading to an internet-based phone system at your expanding business, especially if you’re still using a landline. As your business continues to grow, your telecommunication needs will probably increase, too. The information you’ve just read should make it easier to decide which options to choose, and understand why they’re possibly worthwhile.

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