Amazing Facebook Facts and Stats to Know – #Infographic


Facebook is used by a lot of people around the world and by different age groups. It is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. A lot of businesses are also using this social network giant for marketing their business as they can easily connect to their target audience, in their industry. All with the help of Facebook Ads. Many of us can be found on Facebook multiple times a day.

With so many of us using this popular social network how familiar are we with some of the amazing facts about Facebook? Like why is it blue in colour? How many languages is Facebook available in? Or who was the first face on Facebook? Plus much more. If you want to explore these amazing facts about Facebook, and various stats regarding its employment opportunities, its growth and its users on monthly and daily basis then you should have a look at the infographic below called Amazing Facebook Facts and Stats to Know, compiled by the team at Dbwebsolutions (Dark Bear Web Solutions).  Let us know your views on it and if you really like it and want to pass on the information then please do share it on social media channels…most likely on Facebook. 🙂

Amazing Facebook Facts and Stats to Know


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  1. Chery Gegelman – United States & Beyond – Listed as 1 of 100 Great Leadership Speakers by Inc., Consultant, Author, & Expat. Grow Beyond Your Comfort Zone
    Chery Gegelman says:

    Fun facts Chantal! Thank you for sharing. Have you watched the Social Media Revolution videos on YouTube? Version II was my into to this new world. 🙂

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